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The next viral dance craze was launched on one lucky Blackpool street

The next big dance craze, The Blackpool Way, was launched on Tuesday 27 by Showtown museum & LeftCoast, with Blackpool residents coming together to learn, perfect and perform the amazing new routine for the very first time.

Celebrating International Dance Day (29th), families of all ages joined forces to get up and get dancing, making sure to forget about the past year and try to release happy endorphins while learning the new dance craze which is set to take over the world.

From elderly residents to pre-school children, families were seen enjoying the doorstep dance lesson in style, with energetic music playing from the SOS van, filling the area with laughter and fun. This outside dance lesson helped to lift the spirits of this Blackpool community.

As well as being a dance craze for all to enjoy, The Blackpool Way is, at heart, a celebration of local Blackpool Talent. Working in collaboration with Showtown is the LeftCoast collective, a programme of arts, culture and creative activity working to create jaw dropping experiences across Blackpool.

While Showtown and LeftCoast created and launched this incredible campaign, the dance itself was choreographed by local dance collective House of Wingz. Made up of over 50 dance members in and around Blackpool, House of Wingz have been responsible for working with the public to determine the best moves that would eventually make their way into the finished routine.

Ensuring social distancing rules were followed, the exclusive doorstep dance lesson took place on Horsebridge Road in Blackpool and was hosted by Blackpool’s finest dance company, House of Wingz, on hand to expertly teach the dance.

The dance lesson comprised of step-by-step guides from House of Wingz on how to perfect the exciting new dance. Combing the creativity, history and entertainment background of Blackpool, along with modern techniques, The Blackpool Way is a dance for all ages and dance backgrounds.

The Blackpool Way is inspired by public submissions, who earlier this year sent in their favourite dance moves to Showtown for the ‘Get Dancing’ competition, in hopes to be included in 2021’s hottest dance craze.

125 submissions were reviewed by Blackpool’s top dance talents, with the final winning routines being compiled and choreographed into a final dance that fully encapsulates the history and creativity of Blackpool.

The Blackpool Way features a large range of moves from other dances including ballroom, swing, hip-hop, tap, jazz and even line dancing. Each step in the dance has been given a specific name, inspired by Blackpool, including the ‘Windy Walk’ and the ‘Wurlitzer’, making it even easier for the nation to remember each step when learning the exciting new routine.

Kerry Vasiliou, Showtown’s Learning and Engagement Manager said: “Blackpool is known all over the world for its history of entertainment, so Showtown really wanted to celebrate the seaside town’s incredible dance legacy by creating a new dance craze that can be enjoyed around the world.

“After such a tough year, we really wanted to bring laughter and smiles to the UK again and get people on their feet again. We couldn’t be happier with the result, which is a truly global and unique dance.”

Speaking of the Get Dancing launch, Aish Bell-Docherty, House of Wingz Creative Director said: “Choreographing the new dance has been such an incredible experience, and it’s really shown off just how many people still have such a love of dance all over the world.

“Seeing families coming together yesterday was incredible and we’re thrilled with the end result!”.

Tina Redford, LeftCoast’s Artistic Director said: “We know that there’s a true passion for dance in Blackpool, so what better place to launch a new viral dance craze than at this family seaside resort.

“From Strictly Come Dancing to the Blackpool Dance Festival, we really are the dance capital of the world and that shows in the incredible local talent that has come together to make ‘The Blackpool Way’ a reality.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get learning The Blackpool Way today!