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The Kraken Rum has partnered with marine conservation charity PADI AWARE Foundation, launching ‘Ice Clean’ to remind millions of staycation Brits of the impact of litter on the UK’s oceans and beaches

The Kraken-infused ice clean is topped with lime & ginger flavoured 3D-printed edible toppings, representing the top polluters in the ocean, including plastic bags, single-use cutlery, milk cartons, plastic bottles, plastic ring-pulls and aluminium cans

The Beast and its tentacles will tour the UK serving up ice creams to its loyal followers, with locations including Manchester, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow, before finishing at music festival All Points East in London

The impact of lockdown caused a 36% drop in the amount of ocean debris the charity and its supporters were able to collect compared to the previous year, the debris that was removed equates to the weight of three-and-a-half Killer Whales remaining in The Kraken’s sacred ocean habitat.

Each ice cream sold will see £1 contributed to the PADI AWARE Foundation, with The Mighty Kraken promising to match each and every donation helping to support and build the success of the PADI AWARE Foundations Marine Debris Programme

This summer, with millions of Britons set to swap far-away sandy beaches and crystal blue waters for the British seaside, The Kraken has locked tentacles with marine conservation charity, PADI AWARE Foundation, to deliver a protest ice cream to remind and raise awareness amongst holidaymakers about the impact of litter on the UK’s oceans.

Instead of ‘hundreds and thousands’ or a go-to ’99’, the Mighty Beast has teamed up with the world’s top scientists to create The Kraken ‘Ice Clean’. Bursting with tropical flavours, the first ice cream-cum-cocktail combines lime & ginger flavoured 3D-printed edible toppings representing the top polluters in the ocean, combined with delicious black Kraken-infused ice cream. It’s like you’ve dipped an ice cream into a polluted ocean, without incurring a mouthful of sea salt.

Indeed, The Kraken’s legion of fans can expect to be biting into plastic bags, milk cartons, aluminium cans, plastic ring pulls, plastic bottles and single-use cutlery – all to act as a gentle nudge to recycle and properly dispose of litter this summer. It’s the most delicious way to demonstrate, with each bite of The Kraken ‘Ice Clean’, your support for the protest!

This follows maritime conservation charity, PADI AWARE Foundation, reporting a 36% drop in the amount of ocean waste it was able to collect throughout lockdown, equating to three-and-a-half Killer Whales.

To show support for The Kraken’s ‘Ice Clean’ protest, followers of The Beast can wrap their tentacles around a scoop for £1, with all proceeds from the sale donated to PADI AWARE Foundation. What’s more, Kraken will match each donation pound-for-pound and intends to help the charity in its mission to reduce ocean debris by half within the next decade. So, get ordering!

The Kraken’s ‘Ice Clean’ will be delivered by The Beast’s loyal servants in a number of locations across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Brighton and London, before finishing off at music festival, All Points East, over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Key dates include:

Brighton – Saturday 7th August
Manchester – Friday 13th August
Leeds – Saturday 14th August
Glasgow – Saturday 21st August
London – Saturday 28th August & Sunday 29th August
Ian Amos, Operations Coordinator at PADI AWARE Foundation said: “Whilst the last 18-months has been a challenge for us all, the plight of our oceans has continued unabated with many ocean clean-up programmes placed on hold throughout the pandemic. For years, The Beast has used its tentacles to support marine life, from the beaches to deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, so we’re delighted that we can once again join forces for good. Every pound you spend on this delicious Kraken rum ice cream supports the Foundations efforts in removing debris from the oceans, so the choice is yours: if you like kraken rum, ice cream and all ocean-dwelling creatures great and small, then join the protest today!”

But that’s not all, The Kraken has also concocted a devilishly delectable The Kraken Rum Freaky Tiki Punch. Mimicing the flavours of the ice cream, the cocktail will allow those at home to ‘toast to progress’ and celebrate the hard work PADI AWARE Foundation.

The Kraken Rum Freaky Tiki Punch

35ml Kraken

15ml Guava puree

15ml Lychee liquor

15ml Fresh Lime juice

5ml Sugar syrup

Garnish: Lime wedge