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Searches for getting a dog have peaked again – here’s how to puppy proof your home for your new arrival

As we enter our second national lockdown this year, Google data shows searches for getting a dog during lockdown have peaked for the first time since May.

With lockdown seeing a surge of puppy buying in the UK, if you’re serious about getting a furry friend for yourself, experts have revealed top tips to puppy-proof your home. Plus, regulated property buyers, Good Move also showcase how homes would look if they were created for our four-legged friends.

So, how many Brits were looking to get a dog during lockdown this year? According to Google search data, searches for ‘Get a dog’ in the United Kingdom surged by 96% from 15-21st March to 12th-18th April, after lockdown measures were initially announced.

Similarly, searches for ‘puppies near me’ surged by a huge 245% from 8th-14th March to 17th-23rd May, while searches for ‘adopt a dog’ increased by 175% from 8th-14th March to 19th March-4th April.

And as we enter a second national lockdown, these searches are reappearing – with ‘get a dog during lockdown’ peaking for the first time since May on the week of 1st November, just as the second national lockdown was announced.

We know a dog isn’t just for lockdown – it is for life. There’s a lot of things to consider if you are serious about getting a dog, and if you’re a dog owner already, you’ll know only too well the mischief pooches can cause to the home.

In fact, according to our research1 pets have ripped furnishings including sofas and chairs (29%), and urinated/pooed on belongings (28%) – it’s not for the faint hearted!

Whether your pooch is currently causing mayhem in your home, or you’re thinking of getting a dog for yourself, below accredited dog trainer, Joe Nutkins shares five tips on how to puppy-proof your home to avoid any mishaps.

Choose toys designed for chewing:
Remember puppies will chew but some adult dogs can also chew if they’re worried or just enjoy chewing. Look at the huge variety of dog toys and chews available and consider a toy designed for chewing. This will help prevent dogs from finding something new to chew on (and hopefully protect your valuables).

Toilet train:
Dogs of all ages can have toilet training issues, not just puppies. Decide where you want your new dog to toilet, such as the garden or on a balcony if you’re in a flat. Will you be using puppy pads, newspaper, or an indoor dog toilet for a puppy, adult, or senior dog? If so, where will this go? If you have multiple doors to a garden decide which to use early on so your new dog can learn to ask to go out much more easily.

Consider vet costs:
Decide on whether you are going to insure your dog, put money away into an emergency fund, or have a credit card just in case. If you get pet insurance ask for recommendations for your breed type(s) and age of dog, but ask for recommendations from people who have claimed as that’s the real test, not just whose got the cheapest policy.

And to showcase how homes would look if they were created for dogs, or should we say, how it would really look if you were living in the dog house, Good Move has transformed the average home into a dog haven.

Nima Ghasri, Director at Good Move comments: “For many people, our dogs have been a saving grave during lockdown – and with searches for getting a dog peaking throughout lockdown, it seems many Brits were considering getting one to keep them company. However, dogs are a huge commitment, and you should only ever consider getting one if you can confidently look after them, now and after lockdown restrictions ease.

“It’s fun to see how the average home would look if they were created for other things such as our pets. Dogs like to play, have their favourite treats, and of course, sleep. So, making sure you have their favourite belongings will help keep them settled and in turn, protect your home.”