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Scarlett Johanssen Is The Ultimate Celeb Crush Of The Last Decade

  • Scarlett Johanssen is the most crushed-on female celebrity of the past decade, with a whopping 16 appearances on the hot lists.

  • Actors/actresses are the most crushed-on profession for both males and females, beating models and footballers to the top spots.

  • In joint first place for the most crushed-on male of the past decade were Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Zac Efron, with 7 hotlist appearances each.

  • Brown is the most desirable hair colour for females, with brunettes making up 56% of the list

  • Male’s with brown hair also led the pack with a whopping 96% majority

  • Brown eyes were most common for females on the hotlists (43%) whereas baby blues won it for the men (44%)

  • Females aged 36-40 and males aged 41-45 make up the majority of the sexy hot list!

Top 10 Female Celeb Crushes

Top 10 Male Celeb Crushes

Scarlett Johansson

Ian Somerhalder

Jessica Alba

Ryan Gosling

Christina Aguilera

Ryan Reynolds


Zac Efron

Jennifer Lawrence

Chris Evans

Emma Stone

Henry Cavill

Eva Mendes

Jensen Ackles

Kate Beckinsale

Orlando Bloom

Margot Robbie

Bradley Cooper

Megan Fox

Channing Tatum



A whopping 79% of women on the hotlist were American, followed by Brazillians who made up 4% of the list. Canadians, Columbian-Americans, Israelis, Russians, Russian-Americans, South Africans, Spaniards, Ukranians and Brits made up 1% of the list each.

For the men, Americans made up 58%, followed by Swedes making up 25%, Brits 20%, Australians 9%, and the rest of the list (2% each) was made up of Irish, Romanian-Americans and Scots.


The sexiest age range for females was 36-40, making up 34% of the list, followed by 31-55 making up 25%. Seemingly, your 30’s really are the hottest years of your life!

For males, the sexiest age range was 41-45, making up 31% of the list.

This was closely followed by 36-40 year olds making up 27% of the list and those aged 50+ making up 13%. The lowest proportion of the list was made up of the youngsters aged 25-30, making up only 7%.

Eye Colour:

Brown eyes were most common for females on the hotlists, making up 43% of the list. This was followed by blue eyes making up 34% and hazel making up 8%.

Baby blues won it for the men, making up 44% of the list, followed by brown making up 26% and green 8%.

Hair Colour:

Brunette females came out on top, making up 56% of the list compared to 41% blondes and 3% redheads.

Brunette Males led the pack with a 96% majority compared to 4% black hair and 2% blonde.