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Revealed: Top earning gaming accounts on YouTube

New research has revealed how much YouTube’s top gamers earn per video, with the highest earners pulling in more for a single video than the average American earns in a year.

Online gaming experts I’m-a-puzzle analysed the top YouTube gaming accounts – including those that started with gaming videos and have since branched out into other content – to discover how much they can earn per video.

Alan Becker (USA), with an impressive 18 million subscribers, tops the rankings in first position earning an estimated $76,555 per video – approximately $20,000 more than the average US annual salary.

Becker started his YouTube career off back in 2006 when a video from his series “Animator vs Animation” went viral; his gaming videos then became increasingly popular, and now have a total of 3.7 billion video views with only 113 uploads, which is the lowest amount of uploads in the rankings.

A4 (Belarus) comes in second position earning $51,006 per video, with 37.65 million subscribers and 545 uploads. A4’s video views have totalled to 13 billion since his channel started in November 2014.

In third place is Mr.Beast (USA), who has the second most subscribers globally. From uploading only 719 videos, the YouTuber earns an estimated $50,100 per video. At the start of Mr.Beast’s career, the channel’s content revolved around gaming, but in recent years the channel has branched out and provides 89.6 million subscribers with a wide range of content such as big money giveaways, challenges, and collaborations with fellow YouTubers.

A spokesperson from I’m-a-puzzle commented, “The quality in technology and online gaming in general has grown at an astonishing rate the past ten years. Just a few years ago, the thought of anyone being able to make thousands, or even millions, of dollars from playing games on YouTube would sound unbelievable, but this data shows how lucrative it can be, and these days it is a career path many aspire to achieve.”

CarryMinati (India) is fourth place, with 34.6 million subscribers, 177 uploads, and an estimated $48,462 earnings per video.

Fernanfloo (El Salvador) lands in fifth position with his 44.4 million subscribers and 9.6 billion views total on the channel. The estimated earnings of the channel sit at $41,461 per video.

Sixth and seventh position in the rankings goes to TheDonato (Argentina), with earnings per video sitting at $34,693 and Talking Tom (Slovenia) estimated earnings at $33,171.

Despite having the most overall views (21.5 billion) on a channel, FGTeeV (USA) comes in at eighth place with 20 million subscribers and estimated earnings per video of $27,208.

In ninth place is elrubisOMG (Spain), whose subscriber count sits at 40.3 million elrubisOMG earns an estimated $24,525 per video. With video views at 7.3 billion and only 703 uploads.

Eeoneguy (Ukraine) takes the last spot in the top ten, with 17.6 million subscribers and 3.7 billion views overall; the YouTuber earns an estimated $24,525 per video.

The study was conducted by I’m-a-puzzle, a portfolio of sites exploring how games and puzzles can be tied to brain training and education. Play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free.