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Revealed: Ariana Grande’s album ‘Positions’ is the world’s favourite album cover of all time

New data reveals Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ album cover to be the world’s most popular, according to Google data.

The study by creative resource Design Bundles looked at the global search volume for every number one album across all the decades since the 1960’s to establish which album cover was the most popular.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ swarms in at number one, receiving 34,800 yearly total searches across the world. The album released in 2020 showcases a simplistic grey colour scheme with her face looking away. This was Ariana’s most recent installment making the album her sixth studio album. Her album covers typically feature a monochrome theme until her ‘Sweetener’ album was released in 2018, showing beige colouring, indicating to her audience the light is coming.

Kanye West’s album cover for ‘Donda’ ranked second, after receiving an annual search total of 27,600 across the world. Released in August, this album made ‘Donda’ Kanye’s tenth studio album, containing 27 tracks. The searches are expected to be so high due to no art displayed on the streaming platforms at the release time.

Olivia Rodrigo with the ‘Sour’ album cover had 22,800 annual searches, making this record the third most popular cover art, after being released in May of this year. The cover pictures Olivia with several stickers on her face with a purple backdrop. Olivia’s music went viral on TikTok with the hit song ‘Driver’s License’ which was released at the beginning of 2021.

Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ album cover ranks fourth is the most popular album of all time, since totalling 21,600 searches this year. The cover features two people shaking hands whilst one is on fire in a city as their backdrop, released in September 1975. This album is clearly not one to leave people’s minds.

Placing joint fifth was Michael Jackson with ‘Thriller, Drake with ‘Views’ and Taylor Swifts ‘1989’ album covers with all reaching 18,0000 searches. The King of Pop’s hit album ‘Thriller’ that shows Michael in a white suit, has been certified x34 platinum since being released in 1982. Whilst the 2016 release of Drake’s ‘Views’, features him sitting on top of the CN tower in Toronto. ‘1989’ released in October 2014, finds Taylor on the cover in an overexposed blue jumper and classic red lip, in a polaroid style image.

Two album covers placed sixth, with 16,800 searches for both The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ and Adele ‘25’ album covers. The iconic ‘Abbey Road’ released September 1969, captures all four members on the zebra crossing, outside Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles famously recorded. Released November 2015, ‘25’ by Adele is the singer’s third studio album, showcasing her looking straight on, accompanied with her signature eyeliner in a sepia filter.

Fleetwood Mac with ‘Rumours’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ take joint seventh place with a total 15,600 searches for the album covers. Whilst three albums ranked eighth with searches of 14,400.

Ninth place similarly has three album covers with 13,200, ranging from Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’, Billie Eilish ‘When We Are All Fall Asleep’ and Taylor Swift ‘Lover’. With 12,000 searches of the album cover for ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson, gained tenth place.