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‘PEACE by Piece’ – A Practical Guide to Stepping Up or Starting Over in Business & Life

Quickfox Publishing are pleased to announce the publication of PEACE by Piece – A Practical Guide to Stepping Up or Starting Over in Business and in Life by industrial psychologist, award-winning business coach and author Kathi Hyde (formerly ‘Kathi Clarke’) available in print, audio and ePub.

The book was launched last year by South African Exclusive Books at their flagship Waterfront store to a capacity crowd. It sold over 100 copies on the first night and has gone on to win a Reader’s Choice Gold Medal Award in South Africa.

But Kathi was on her own adventure.

Daughter of an RAF pilot posted to Zimbabwe during the Second World War, Kathi has spent the last 30 years, forging a name for herself in the world of entrepreneurial business, travelling extensively and living/working in 5 different African countries. Enter COVID, however, and everything changed.

Locked down in Scotland, en route back from trekking in the Andes, unable to get back to Africa for 18 months, Kathi had to do what so many of us had to do back then – pivot her business, pivot her personal life, overcome enormous challenges in a strange country, with a shocking exchange rate….and bounce back – in business and in life.

And bounce back she did. Her business thrived, she met and married a local Derbyshire bloke, moved her worldly belongings by telephone and is now based in Croston, Leyland, where on Friday 9th November, she launched her book to 65 British business owners – all of whom pronounced it “timely”, “practical” and a “must-have”.

So, what’s so special about this book? Well, Kathi Hyde and her clients have proven that you can start over or step up, even in hard times, to build a business that achieves the results you deserve, brings out the best in your people, thrives regardless of the economic challenges or markets, and allows you to live life well. And importantly, her book, tells readers HOW to do this – a recipe she has practiced, preached for years, and shared with her coaching clients.

Borne out of her evident passion to help small businesses succeed to international standards (irrespective of where they find themselves geographically) and her love for the people who start and run them, PEACE by Piece shows how record success, game-changing personal growth, contentment, and real results are possible. Even now. Even in spite of all that’s happened.

Using vignettes of her own story as a backdrop, her trademark sense of humour and her extensive, hand-on practical experience with hundreds of business owners – many of whose stories she has included, Kathi shares proven step-by-step strategies to help existing and new business owners achieve the same results – no matter where they are in their life or business journey.

This book considers both the business owner and the business. Part One prepares readers mentally and emotionally to overcome their setbacks and take on the mantle of being a business owner. It also helps them work out the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of starting or growing their business. Part Two provides the practical business skills and know-how to build a profitable, resilient and rewarding business that delivers. Based on sound business principles and practices, and packed with wisdom, anecdotes, strategies, practical examples, motivation, and the insight and experience gained from Kathi’s more than 30-year involvement with business across a range of industries in developed and developing countries, PEACE by piece is a coach-come-business-school in a book. It’ll help readers create peace from the pieces and guide them in laying the foundations of a fulfilling business that serves them and those they love and serve.

It’s readable, it’s proven to help, it’s timely and if you and your business aren’t where you hoped, needed or wanted to be – get it and read it.