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She’s currently causing a stir on our screens as a main housewife in the popular show, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, but Nicole Sealey has some other concerns right now.
Nicole is asking her fans to support local businesses during lockdown by posting daily about local shops and takeaways that she uses and letting people know how they can help out and what’s open.
She’s also set up her own website that will be promoting products that she loves with a view to helping smaller brands and new products secure a retail outlet that she’ll promote. As a successful businesswoman Nicole is always keen to give others a leg up – especially local companies and the smaller brands that she uses.
Nicole says:‘For me the heart of a community is local business, I love our local cafes, companies and shops. Local business is where our youngsters set out in the world, where the most exciting young entrepreneurs begin their journeys and where the older generation can stay connected to their local communities. This human connection must not be lost and be replaced by computers and loneliness. So, support who and what you can until these difficult times pass so that the next generation can be allowed to flourish.’
And as well as talking up local businesses Nicole and her husband Joe Sealey are also supporting the charity Rob & His Angels, a group of volunteers who are collecting for families in South Manchester and Cheshire hit hardest by the current climate. Nicole and Joe will be making a surprise appearance at one of the donation drop off points in the run up to Christmas. You can find out more about about what Rob & His Angels are doing and what they need on their facebook page:

Nicole says: ‘Rob & His Angels is a local charity helping Santa to bring a little joy to children whose families may be having a hard time. I know people struggle every year right now with all that is going on I feel it’s going to especially difficult. So if you are able please dig deep and do your part for not only this great cause but whatever your local charity may be.’

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