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Bio-plasma air sterilizer is a revolution in the defence against Coronavirus and other air and surface-dwelling viruses.

Made by AcuMed, a British clean tech company that develops and sells air purifiers based on ground-breaking technologies for air sterilization in the indoor environment.

This is the world’s most advanced portable air sterilizer that eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria using cold plasma ionization technology.

It purifies the air in only a matter of minutes with a 360-degree system that destroys pathogens reducing odour, allergens, mould spores, dust particles, viruses and germs. Perfect to sterilize air in your home, car and office!

Now for the science bit! Optimised to distribute clean air evenly across the whole room by distributing millions of plasma ions into the air to react with membranes and protein shells of pathogens that consist of hydrogen (H+). They transform into hydroxide radicals (OH).

These radicals remove hydrogen from the surface proteins, breaking them down and destroying the pathogens. Virus and bacteria are thus effectively sterilized. You can now enjoy fresh and pure air without having to leave your home.

Modern design coupled with a simple, intuitive user interface allows for ease of use and a cleaner home environment.

Designed with ultra-quiet operation, turbo speed and a sleek, contemporary, compact design, it fits perfectly in any small space without ruining your décor!

Buy for £95 excluding VAT on the bio plasma Ebay store.