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Make a lasting New Year’s Resolution to slice phone bills and improve broadband speed

Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolution yet? There is still time to make a lasting resolution – switch to telephone cloud and save money!

There are less than 1,000 days until potentially the biggest shake up to the UK telecomms industry, highlighting an important resolution opportunity for both homeowners and businesses.

In the year 2025, the Government and leaders of the telecomms industry will be changing the telephone system as we know it, by turning off analogue (PSTN – Public Switch Telephone Network) and ISDN, as the UK moves to new SOGEA lines and full fibre solutions.

But people can get ahead and make the switch this year – reducing their bills at a time when people’s budget’s are being ever tightened.

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Phone experts at Telephone Systems.Cloud promote cloud technology and are determined to encourage the transition for others through setting the resolution of making the switch ahead of the big changes ahead.

The innovative firm ensures there are numerous benefits to those moving telephone services to the cloud and the internet, set to improve communication and costs for consumers and businesses alike.

At present, phone users are able to make voice telephone calls on the same line as broadband. Once phased out however, there will be no voice provision on the line and it will change to broadband only.

The SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) line will take its place, a new form of broadband which doesn’t require a telephone line connection and offers customers the option to have broadband without the landline.

With both installation and issue fixing rates set to be much faster than normal broadband, working from home or hybrid working will be much more straightforward for companies and employees in 2022.

Alastair Bates, Managing Director of TelephoneSystems.Cloud said: “We want to raise awareness for the changes that are going ahead and encourage phone users to get ahead of the switch by setting a resolution for 2022 to get in contact with their telecomms provider and make the change.

“With an increase in those working from home in 2022, those already connected to the cloud technology will benefit from the advantages of switching early, including faster connections, lower costs and reliable service whilst away from the office.”

Those looking out to make the switch may begin to see SOGEA services being offered in deals which include a VOiP package. VOiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) enables traditional telephony systems to operate via computer networks.

Customers hoping to hold on to their landlines may decide to have a router upgrade and plug their home phone into it, or choose to have their landline connected to their mobile using cloud based technology.

Alastair said: “Although previous versions of VOiP were low quality and associated with poor quality telecomms, new VOiP is high definition and delivers landline-level quality. Through connecting a landline to a mobile, phone users are offered a world of options and flexibility not usually associated with landlines.

“Thanks to the reduced infrastructure required to facilitate communication via VOiP technology, voice calls can be provided at a very low cost. This will be a huge benefit to companies and customer alike. Therefore, making the switch should be a priority in 2022 for all phone users looking to optimize their experience.”

TelephoneSystems.Cloud prides itself as an ethical business in the telecomms industry – it says it is the only company in the sector to offer a contract free service – people only pay for what they need as the firm offers software as a service.