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Embargo partners with Faith In Nature to reward sustainable consumer practices

Embargo has joined forces with eco-beauty brand Faith In Nature to encourage sustainable in-store purchases.

The UK’s leading loyalty app hopes the collaboration will encourage sustainable consumer behaviour by rewarding customers who purchase refillable bottle purchases in place of single-use bottles.

After downloading Embargo’s free app, customers will be able to collect loyalty points in all participating stores when they choose to purchase a refillable purchase as opposed to single use – and continue to collect stamps with every refill.

Once the customer collects five stamps, they will unlock a free refill from any participating store.

Faith In Nature already saves on average 40 tonnes of plastic each year by providing customers with a reusable bottle option. The company hopes that rewarding customers using Embargo’s paperless loyalty system will further decrease plastic usage over the coming years.

Tsewang Wangkang, CEO and co-founder of Embargo, said: “More and more people across the UK are extremely conscious about the environmental impact of their consumption. Growing demand for environmentally conscious brands, like Faith In Nature, certainly signifies a positive step towards reducing waste and minimising excessive plastic consumption.

“We are delighted to partner with Faith In Nature to help reward customers for making mindful purchases, and for their contributions towards a greener future. Our easy-to-use loyalty app will encourage customers to continue to reduce the amount of plastic they use – not just when it comes to beauty products, but in every part of their day-to-day lives.”

Mandy Hampton, Senior Marketing Manager of Faith in Nature, added: “We have always strived to practice and promote sustainable behaviours – and this partnership better enables us to do just that. Now, thanks to Embargo’s loyalty app, our customers can continue to participate in our planet-saving mission, and be rightly rewarded for doing so.”