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Introducing the Hottest Gadget of Summer 2021 from Headphone Giant Ausounds: the AU-Lens

Leading LA-based audio brand Ausounds has teased the upcoming launch of the long-anticipated audio sunglasses, AU-Lens. The revolutionary wearables, due to be released later this summer after being previewed at CES® in early 2021, are set to be the latest must-have gadget of 2021.

Following the success of the company’s AU-Collection range of earphones, featuring the AU-Stream, AU-Stream Hybrid, AU-Stream ANC, and AU-Frequency, the AU-Lens is a unique accessory mixing state-of-the-art audio and high-fashion with functionality. RRP £149.95.

While some try to imagine the future, others create it. The AU-Lens present a glimpse into tomorrow. An innovative pair of audio sunglasses for the future, the AU-Lens pioneers a new way of listening to music while synchronously setting fashion trends.

Encompassing the brand’s “Be Different” messaging, AU-Lens wearers instantly stand out from the crowd when donning the futuristic accessory. Available in two classic acrylic finishes, black or tortoiseshell, the high-tech glasses have been given a retro twist shaped in a vintage 1950’s Wayfarer frame.

Ausounds has teamed up with top recording artist Sara Phillips to promote the launch of the AU-Lens. Phillips, a Montreal born, LA-based singer-songwriter, has featured on the #1 spot of Spotify’s editorial playlist, ‘Life Sucks’, with her recent song ‘Six Feet Under’, which has surpassed 1,000,000 streams on the music platform. Phillips’ trademark raspy voice has catapulted her into the spotlight and earnt the musician a dedicated global fan base. Watch the launch video here.

Ausounds regularly collaborates with big industry names such as Phillips, Lil Eddie and Brian Kennedy, and is dedicated to supporting upcoming music talent, as well as running an ambassador scheme, working with music industry influencers on regular collaborations and product promotions.