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Inside Sprout, The World’s First Plantable Makeup Pencils

These makeup pencils are pretty special, and sustainable from start to end. Recycling in the beauty industry is notoriously difficult, but here’s a clever, patented invention by eco-pencil company Sprout World, that is designed to not only reduce waste, but give something beautiful and useful back to the planet.

Simply use the makeup pencils as normal, and instead of throwing them away when they become too small to use, flip them around, stick the end (green capsule facing down) into a pot of damp soil, and ta-da – beautiful wildflowers will start to sprout within 1-2 weeks!

Sprout Makeup Pencil
Where did the idea come from?

Sprout World is made up of 70% female employees. It was during a routine discussion about the waste problem within the beauty industry, that the team flagged how the majority of people in that room used make-up pencils daily, and therefore, they could potentially play a huge role in giving a second life (and a beautiful one at that) to products that would otherwise end up as waste.

Kind to the skin and planet

Sprout Makeup Pencil
Every element of the pencil is made from natural, kind-to-skin ingredients and materials:

100% natural and ethically sourced
Made from sustainable certified wood
Recyclable sugar cane cap
Plant-based soluble cellulose cap that dissolves when planted, releasing wildflower seeds
AllergyCertified, plastic-free and paraben-free