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Huge spike in demand for lease electric cars, says company

Sales of used pure electric cars have reached a record high. New figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) say 14,586 used battery electric cars were sold between January and March. It is more than double the total of 6,625 sold during the same period in 2021.

Experts at car leasing giant and sister company have also reported a huge surge in demand for its lease electric cars.

A spokesperson for said: “The increase in fuel prices coupled with the increase in the availability has seen a huge surge in demand for both electric and hybrid vehicles.

“This is evidenced in the fact that we have witnessed a 371 per cent increase in demand for hybrid vehicles since the turn of the year – even in a time of global uncertainty and rising fuel prices.

“It’s clear that the UK sets its sights on reducing the number of petrol and diesel cars on our roads and with recent Government announcements suggesting new homes will have EV chargers by law, the culture towards electric cars is experiencing a shift.

“There remains something of a stigma around electric vehicles when it comes to their price point. Many people will feel the cost of buying an electric car is out of reach, but there is also the option to lease, and leasing one can cost in the region of £200 a month. This is certainly more affordable than it has been previously to drive an electric vehicle, especially when you compare it to buying an EV outright.

“The change in price has come from advances in manufacturing and technology in recent years, which makes this a more feasible option than might have been the case in the past.”