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36 is the age when you officially turn into your mother, according to a new study

Whether it’s dressing the same, using the same old phrases, or having similar mannerisms as our mum, it’s safe to say that it’ll happen to us all at some point.

According to new research1 by greetings card marketplace thortful, there is an actual age when we officially expect to turn into our mums… and it’s 36! But which traits of our mum do we pick up?

The top five traits are as follows:

The same body shape – 24%
Bossiness – 22%
Using the same phrases – 21%
Constantly nagging – 20%
Using the same mannerisms – 19%
The main trait we pick up from our mum is apparently the same body shape, with nearly a quarter (24%) of Brits saying they share their build with their mum. But after that, the top five are mostly personality traits, one in five (22%) feeling they get their mums bossy streak, as well as a fifth (20%) of people feeling they’d inherited the constant need to nag from their mum.

The top 10 things we enjoy the most as we get older

We assume that as we age, we get disillusioned by life and lack vitality but that’s in fact wrong according to the study, with over two-thirds (68%) of respondents saying they enjoy life more with age.

But what are the top 10 things we enjoy the most when we get older?

Having a night in rather than going out – 92%
Spending time on our own – 91%
Good food and alcohol – 90%
Spending more time with family – 87%
A long walk – 87%
Good bedding and towels – 87%
An early night – 86%
Homeware – 83%
Not going clubbing – 81%
Coffee – 80%
Number one on the list might be the biggest sign of maturity: enjoying a night in over going out. In fact, a massive 92% of adults ranked this as one of the things to enjoy about getting older, making it a #1 sign of adulthood.

This feeling is echoed in a few more of the top 10 – 86% appreciate an early night, and 81% of adults enjoy not going clubbing anymore.

The common thread seems to be about appreciating things a little more deeply; 90.8% of adults ranked spending time on their own as one of the things they enjoyed most about getting older, whilst spending time with family (87%) was also high on the list.

Commenting on the survey, a spokesperson at thortful said, “Our study reveals that over two-thirds of adults enjoy life more with age, and whilst we all pick up traits from our parents at some point in our lives, we believe that this is something that should be celebrated! It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life!”