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ONE POSITIVE outcome of the covid-19 pandemic is that Brits across the nation are more informed on the importance of physical and mental health, and the role that fitness has to play in aiding both.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set new resolutions and fitness goals, whether that be joining a gym or achieving new personal bests whilst working out, which are often at the top of the list. 2022 is expected to be no different, with 50% of adults focusing more on their wellbeing now compared to before the pandemic[1].

As Brits look for new ways to revive their workout routines with the latest industry classes and techniques, Steven Virtue, Fitness Development Manager at Total Fitness shares the fitness trends set to take the new year by storm.

Personal and Small Group Training

As a nation that is more health conscious than ever before, people are looking for expert knowledge to push themselves further and help them to achieve their fitness goals, whether that be existing ones they are struggling to reach or new goals. Personal training and small group training have increased in popularity since the re-opening of gyms, and this is only set to continue into the new year.

Whether your goal is to improve overall body composition, strength, or endurance, trainers can help design a results-based approach to health and wellbeing. Most of the programs written and devised by fitness professionals have a huge emphasis on accountability and work life balance which increases retention in the long run, making them particularly appealing in the new year as people set new resolutions.

The past few months has seen gym goers more enthused about and interested in training in small groups, likely due to the pandemic previously preventing socialising and interaction with both friends and new people, and this is expected to be a huge trend in 2022.

Mindfulness Through Fitness

The nation is increasingly considering mental health to be of equal importance to physical health. As the country faced a decline in mental health over the past two years, many are turning to exercise for the wellbeing benefits, just as much as they are for the physical. For fitness professionals, addressing barriers to exercise and mental challenges will continue to be front of mind in 2022, to ensure client readiness and assess whether any interventional changes need to be considered in the short and long term.

Many workers are continuing to work from home and, whilst there are benefits to this, for many it can make work more demanding and stressful, especially given the fact there are reduced options for social and physical activity. For those working in an office, the return to a busy environment may also prove quite stressful or overwhelming. Therefore, exercises that provide an opportunity to breathe, unwind, and practice mindfulness are set to be high in demand. Whether it’s Yoga, Pilates, or even meditation, more people are expected to take up exercises that have a deliberate focus on mental wellbeing and developing the mind-body connection.

Online and Digital Fitness
Whilst online fitness classes and apps did exist prior to the pandemic, the closure of gyms during the first lockdown really sparked the nation’s interest in and reliance on digital fitness, as fitness professionals have moved their businesses either partly or entirely online.

Online fitness classes, both pre-recorded and live, make fitness more accessible than ever before, as people can work out wherever they are. The virtual space has also proven a great way for people to meet and build a fitness community, which in turn helps to motivate people to achieve their goals.

The online fitness space is expected to continually grow, with experts predicting that a ‘hybrid’ approach to fitness will be particularly popular in 2022. Furthermore, it’s expected that different types of online content will continue to emerge and develop in line with the growing needs of participants. For example, are paving the way when it comes to bringing the digital world to the physical space with its content studio, The Workshop, which is producing a range of digital content that members can use both at home and to guide they workouts in the gym as well.

Wearable Fitness Technology
Since 2016, the invention of various fitness technology devices has given fitness enthusiasts a rejuvenated approach to health and fitness. Being able to see the tangible and accurate impact of exercise is a great way to stay motivated and in tune with your body.

As many people have embraced a more active lifestyle since the pandemic, wearable fitness technology can help these new fitness-loves take their work outs to the next level. That’s why these devices, in particular smart watches, are expected to continue to grow in popularity in 2022. With features such as heart rate monitors and GPS tracking, users can map out their training in advance and keep track of their progress as they work towards fitness goals.

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been and will continue to be a staple trend in the fitness industry, not only thanks to its effectiveness but it’s convenience too. As people continue to adjust to life after lockdown, the convenience of HIIT is set to see it surge in popularity.

High intensity can be defined as either achieving your maximum physical potential in a session or achieving within a close percentage of your maximum heart rate repeatedly. With HIIT, you can fit in an impactful, high intensity workout in a very short space of time, making it ideal for people who work busy schedules or still want to maintain their fitness without having to compromise on other social commitments. What’s more, you can conduct a HIIT session with little or no equipment, making it an accessible and affordable form of exercise.

So there you have it, five of the top fitness trends set to take 2022 by storm. The fitness industry is constantly evolving, but it has experienced exponential growth as a result of covid. Not only did the industry have to adapt to closures, but the nation has a newfound love and appreciation for fitness, meaning more and more new ways to workout are constantly being developed and marketed.

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