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Dating apps: To vape or not to vape? That is the question!

Vapers would be happy to announce they use e-cigarettes on social media channels as they seek a date – but are less willing to show photos of them vaping.

That’s one of the key findings of a new national study of around 2,000 people across the UK who vape when it comes to vaping and romance.

The experts at E-Cigarette Direct have polled the nation’s vapers to find key trends between their pastime and their relationships.

The Dating and Vaping Study found 90 percent of males and 87 percent of women would be happy to disclose they vape on their profiles for dating apps.

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However, there was more caution towards actually displaying their habit in social media videos and pictures. Just 34 per cent of men and 30 percent of women said they would be comfortable taking this extra step.

James Dunworth, Chairman of E-Cigarette Direct said: “We undertook this study to try to find trends between vaping and romance and there were some surprising results. While people are happy to say they vape, far fewer would be willing to show it on their profile for whatever reason.

“There is very little data available about how vaping affects romance, so we hope that our findings explore this area in more detail. While smoking has long been seen as a turn-off, it does seem more people are accepting of vaping in the dating stakes.”

The study found 90 per cent of people in the East Midlands, East of England and North West were willing to say they vape on their dating app profile.

However, those in Scotland (44 per cent), the East Midlands (43 per cent) and York and Humber (40 per cent) stated they would not be comfortable showing photographs or videos of them vaping.

Elsewhere, the E-Cigarette Direct study found 10% of women and 13% of men who vape would seek out and only date a fellow vaper.

Of course, attitudes and opinions change from person to person, but one reason people might feel more comfortable dating a vaper is because of a shared experience.

It could also be more practical for them to date a vaper over a smoker. Seeing a significant other smoking real cigarettes could cause relapses among vapers.

Almost 8% of vapers in the East Midlands have been turned down for a date because they vape, much like people in the South East and Yorkshire and Humberside.

The Dating and Vaping Study also found that 40% of women and 30% of men wouldn’t consider smooching a cigarette smoker. However, the majority of respondents said they did not believe being a vaper was off-putting to potential partners.

This revelation has shown that electronic cigarettes could help replace tobacco cigarettes in previously unresearched situations.