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Croatia is ready to welcome guests

The Croatian National Tourist Board organised a virtual conference for foreign media, held at the same time in 10 emitting markets, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. 90 representatives of leading media in the mentioned markets were greeted by the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, and the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, who conveyed the main messages to the press about Croatia’s readiness for the tourist season.

Minister Brnjac said that Croatia was ready for the arrival of numerous guests and that a stable epidemiological situation was the best invitation to visit the country. “I believe that we have put in place all necessary measures to make Croatia a safe holiday destination. This year in Croatia, we are focused on a quality and highly diversified tourist offer, along with a high level of security for our guests. Escape from mass tourism, safety, peaceful environment and authentic gastronomy are the new components of luxury which Croatia offers to tourists. In addition to high quality hotels and secluded holiday homes, there is an excellent offer of camping and glamping. Croatia also has the world’s largest charter fleet to sail around a thousand beautiful islands in the turquoise sea, which makes it a perfect nautical destination. Our beautiful nature, plenty of outdoor activities at the coast and inland and our attention to safety of our guests are excellent reasons for choosing Croatia as a holiday destination”, she added.

The online conference in each country, with the support of the partner PR agency Aviareps, was led by directors of Croatian Tourist Board offices covering a particular market, and the main topics of the conference were conditions and protocols for entering Croatia, the current epidemiological situation with emphasis on vaccination of the general population and tourism workers, testing points and medical support, the project “Safe Stay In Croatia”, the campaign “Trust me, I’ve been there”, but also novelties in the Croatian tourist offer, airlines and investments.

“The excellent position of Croatia on the tourist map of the world is confirmed by this virtual conference, which gathered a large number of renowned journalists from reputable and popular media. This is an excellent opportunity to once again inform our target public about all the news in the Croatian tourist offer, but also all the valid protocols under which the realization of tourist trips to Croatia is possible. The announcements so far, but also the information we receive every day from our most important markets, give us optimism before the main part of the tourist year in which we expect the greatest intensity of tourist traffic”, said director Staničić, adding that Croatia can take the position of the leading Mediterranean tourist destination.