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Concerns grow over half-term holidays due to fuel price hikes

by Harry Roberts, Managing Director of My Favourite Cottages

“Though the fuel shortage crisis seems to be beginning to stabilise across the country, the rising price of fuel is having a domino effect on reducing travel in general.

And with the UK’s tougher travel regulations limiting the number of international visitors, despite the reduction of countries on the red list, the industry is having to continue to rely heavily on domestic travellers to keep local businesses afloat.

So, it’s concerning that experts are now warning fewer people are expected to visit tourist destinations over the half-term period thanks to soaring fuel prices and living expenses.

At My Favourite Cottages, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of fuel-related enquiries as customers become more concerned if this will affect their holiday.

Many small businesses rely on these busy periods to survive the slower winter months and may struggle with fewer guests and a reduced footfall, particularly after the last 18 months.

If guests are worried about the increase in costs, there are many ways they can reduce their outgoings while on holiday, such as visiting free attractions, seeking out deals at local restaurants, or even staying close to amenities to reduce travel costs, without having to forgo their family staycation this half-term.

Taking time away not only has a positive impact on the local economy, but it’s also beneficial for maintaining good mental health and building family bonds.”