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Choose Munchy Seeds for Any Occasion

If you’re looking to give your meals, snacks or bakes a big nutritional boost, then look no further than Munchy Seeds, the perfect health-packed companion to your cooking.

Whether you fancy a delicious sweet or savoury addition to your porridge in the morning, a light and healthy snack to get you through until dinner time, or a healthy addition for your cakes and bakes, Munchy Seeds has it all!

The Munchy Seeds range is packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and is not only amazing for your gut health and immune system, but is also a great source of protein. Ideal for vegans and meat eaters alike, Munchy Seeds has a range of products to cater for all kinds of occasions with its ‘Just Add’, ‘Just Snack’ and ‘Just Bake’ ranges.

The Just Add is the perfect cook’s companion to add flavour and nutrition to a whole selection of meals. Its Breakfast Boosters come in three delicious mixes: Super Berry, Totally Tropical and Cacao & Apricot, which make a brilliant topping for porridge, pancakes, yoghurts or sweet bakes. Or, for lunch and dinner, pep up your plate with its Savoury Sprinkles in three flavours: Spicy Peri Peri, Warm Cumin and Fennel and Toasted Tamari, the perfect toppings for soups, salads, curries or dips. The Just Add range is available in 125g packs, RRP £3.50.

For those wanting a quick, flavour-packed and totally nutritious snack, the Munchy Seeds Just Snack range includes a selection of tempting sweet and savoury seed mixes in Mild Chilli, Honey Roasted, Salted Caramel, Warm Cinnamon, Sweet Chilli and Mega Omega. Available in 25g packs these tasty mixes of pumpkin and sunflower seeds are perfect for any time of the day. RRP £1.09.

For ardent bakers, the Just Bake range is a great way to add a sprinkle of goodness to your favourite cakes, brownies, homemade breads and muffins. Lightly toasted for maximum flavour, these tasty seed mixes are made to be baked! Choose from four delicious new products in 500g packs: Lightly Toasted Pumpkin Seeds (RRP £6.99), Lightly Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Seven Seed Mix and Three Seed Mix (all RRP £5.99).

Munchy Seeds are available in Ocado, The Co-op, Amazon and online from