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Believ plugs in to Octopus Electroverse to bolster charge point accessibility across the UK

Believ, the UK’s fastest growing charge point operator (CPO), has partnered with Octopus Electroverse, the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, to boost driver convenience when locating charge points and paying for EV charging. 
Available from 26 June, the partnership means EV drivers have access to Believ’s growing network of EV charge points through Octopus Energy’s Electroverse platform.

The charging platform’s revolutionary ‘one-card, one-app’ model gives drivers access to hundreds of thousands of charge points from 700 charge point brands.

This latest deal brings Believ’s 1,400+ chargers onto the Electroverse platform for EV drivers to easily access.
Guy Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer at Believ, said that the industry must work together to accelerate the switch toward sustainable transportation: “As an increasing number of drivers transition to EVs, we are committed to ensuring that charge points are reliable and accessible for all. Through partnering with the Octopus Electroverse, we take another stride toward achieving this and in playing our part to help decarbonise UK roads.” 

Matt Davies, Director of Octopus Electroverse said: “We are thrilled to add more residential and town centre charge points to the Octopus Electroverse platform, making EV charging available with a tap of a card or app. This partnership accelerates our mission to simplify EV charging for everyone.”
Believ works in collaboration with businesses and local authorities, operating a rapidly growing network of charge points, offering all charging speeds and delivering 100% renewable energy across 500 locations across the UK.

Believ is funded by Liberty Global Ventures and Zouk Capital, the manager of the HM Treasury-backed Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). Believ partners with sister company Virgin Media O2 in the deployment of charging infrastructure, enabling the installation of charge points at scale and pace throughout the UK.