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Daily Archives: November 15, 2021

Future trends: Riders ready for AR helmets

Bikesure’s most recent survey has found that motorcycle riders across Britain are keen to invest in new technologies to improve their safety while riding, with Augmented Reality (AR) helmets ranking as the piece of kit that riders are most excited about for 2022. AR helmets,

IS-K presents long term global terrorism threat

As IS-K increases its terrorist attacks, control and recruitmnet in Afghanistan, Barbara Kelemen, an Associate and the lead intelligence analyst for Asia at Dragonfly, shares her views on the worsening situation: “Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K) is getting stronger in Afghanistan, with long-term implications for the

5 Questions To Ask Before Getting a Puppy

In November and December 2020 Google searches for the term ‘sponsor a puppy’ were up 250% according to Google Trends, indicating our renewed interest in puppies during the festive season. But for those wanting to take it a step further and bring one home, what