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Daily Archives: December 2, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic hit charities and small businesses hard and saw important eco-concerns slide off the news agenda. To rectify this, Green People is helping shoppers to give back as they gift with their Christmas 2020 gift range. Check out Green People’s ‘presents with purpose’

New to home schooling? Here’s how

Thousands of parents have opted to educate their children at home since the first Covid lockdown. Covid fears have led to a huge rise in the number of parents taking their children out of school to be home educated. A survey of 151 local councils

Five ways to decorate your Christmas tree for free this year

Using fruit, fabric scraps, and utilising Facebook marketplace are all frugal ways for Brits to save money decorating their Christmas trees this year. Penny-pinching gurus from have revealed some inventive ways to decorate trees for free and bring the family together by creating and crafting

10 Best Gifts for Teachers this Christmas

Being a teacher is always tough but 2020 has been many teachers’ most challenging year to ever. Whether you want to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher or treat the special teacher in your life, check out Becky Cranham’s pick of the top ten