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1 in 5 Brits want to be a social media star – this app lets you live like an influencer and get paid to attend events & venues ​

As more young Brits are setting their sights on living the ‘influencer life’, a new social events app is bringing this dream one step closer by paying users to visit specific events and venues.

Research from HR Review has uncovered that as many as 17% of British 11-16 year olds want to be a social media influencer when they grow up.

Using Bloc, you can see local venues and events in your area. When you “check in” to any of these venues or events using the app, you earn stars – tracked via geo-location.

Through Bloc, users can check into an array of venues and earn stars for attending events – tracked via geo-location. These stars can then be exchanged for cash, or physical products and experiences using Bloc’s reward marketplace. 3 stars are rewarded if you attend a non-advertised venue, and 6 if you attend an advertiser.

Some of the items listed on Bloc’s reward marketplace include artwork, LUSH gift cards, and trainers. On the top-end of their marketplace are rewards such as:

Designer clothes



Six-course Michelin star meals

Hot air balloon rides

Tandem skydiving

Afternoon tea at Harrods Tea Rooms

Bloc also connects its users before events. When you check-in to a bar, restaurant, cafe or stadium, you can see everyone else who has also checked into that venue on that day. You can then connect and chat with other people before you go to the venue, or at the venue itself.

Bloc is available to download for free now on Apple and Android app stores.