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Zendaya is the highest earning cast member of Euphoria on social media, earning £234,753 per post.

Zendaya is the most influential cast member of hit show Euphoria, with the power to charge more than £200k for a sponsored Instagram post, new research has revealed.

The eagerly anticipated second season of Euphoria hit screens on January 9th 2022, and the research by online gaming experts CasinoBee into the stars’ social media profiles discovered that Zendaya can earn a potential £234,753 per sponsored post on Instagram, reaping the benefits of her 120 million followers.

The angst filled high school-based series features Zendaya as Rue Bennett, who is part of a group of students who endure troubles with drugs, social media, money, and love all whilst trying to become adults.

The show has been nominated for 46 awards just from the first season, taking home 15 wins in total, as viewers have embraced the more mature and sensitive content that other shows set in high schools tend to shy away from.

Zendaya also made history when she became the youngest woman to receive an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama.’ The category had nominees such as, Olivia Coleman, Jennifer Anniston, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, all vying to take home the prestigious award.

Jacob Eloridi, who plays Nate Jacobs, sits at second place with £21,384 per post earnings thanks to his 11 million followers. Fan favourite Alexa Demie, whose character is Maddy Perez, comes in third, as her four million Insta-fans mean that she can make up to £7,897 per sponsored upload.

Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard in the show, can earn £7,676 thanks to her four million Instagram followers putting her in fourth position, before Hunter Schafer who plays Jules Vaughn in fifth place with £7,398 per sponsored post.

The next positions sit as follows, with Barbie Ferreira in sixth position taking home £5,897, Eric Dane is in seventh place making £5,871.

Eighth place goes to Angus Cloud earning £2,476, ninth place is Maude Apatow with £2,102 and Algee Smith at sits at tenth place earning £1,994.

That leaves Nika King to take 11th place in the rankings, receiving £263 per post on Instagram.