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World Meditation Day: How To Transform Your Home Into A Sanctuary

Ahead of World Meditation Day (May 21st 2024), innovative interiors brand, Ruggable, has found that online searches for ‘zen home decor’ have almost doubled in the UK in the past 12 months.

Cassandra Leisz, Creative Director at Ruggable, has shared her top five tips on how people can transform their home into a calming sanctuary:

Use the natural world for colour inspiration
“Choosing the right colour palette is fundamental in creating a calming environment for your home.

Sage green helps bring the outdoors in. Muted, verdant tones like green offer the same biophilic, wellness-inducing effects as spending time in nature. It’s a versatile, neutral-alternative shade that will help you create a serene and soothing atmosphere in your home.

Image credit: Ruggable

Like sage green, cool blue tones can promote calming feelings of peace and tranquillity. Light blues are reminiscent of the sky, the ocean, and other elements found within nature. It’s an effortless, refreshing shade that can brighten up a room and help clear your mind.”

Bring the outdoors in with indoor herb gardens
“Bringing a touch of the outdoors into your room can enhance the feeling of being connected to the natural world. That’s why filling a room with live plants and herbs, especially ones that have a strong scent to them, is one of my favourite ways to calm the senses.

I recommend planting a herb garden on your windowsill or in your kitchen filled with rosemary, lavender, and chamomile flowers, which are herbs known for their calming effects.”

“Lighting plays a key role in the overall feel of a room.

For a relaxing atmosphere, stay away from bright, white lights and opt for more yellow and gold tones. Choosing light temperatures with a lower Kelvin number (i.e. 3000 or below) will create a warmer, softer visual environment.

Image credit: Ruggable

Furthermore, make use of the natural lighting within your room. Opt for sheer fabric curtains to enable more natural sunlight to come through. This will allow the room to feel lighter and airy to give a more relaxing feel.”

Hanging shelving higher up alludes to a more spacious and clutter free room
“Ensuring your space is free of clutter will help to declutter your mind, too.

When planning a space, try decorating with beautiful, multi-functional furniture that also works as a storage unit, such as ottomans and storage benches. The extra storage space will conceal clutter while still being visually appealing.

Furthermore, hanging floating shelves high up on the walls can free up floor space for plants and books, and give the illusion of more space.

Usually, shelves are placed in direct eyeline. This instantly draws your attention to them when you walk into a room and can appear to cut off space on a wall. Therefore, by placing them higher up the wall, your attention is drawn upward, giving the sense of a taller room, making your room feel more spacious and less cluttered.”

The best rooms for your sanctuary for maximum relaxation
“Finally, the best rooms to transform into a sanctuary to ensure you’re feeling the full benefit of its relaxing atmosphere would be bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Creating a Zen-like space in your bedroom will help to promote better sleep, whilst a sanctuary feel within your bathroom will help to create a spa-like experience.

Image credit: Ruggable

Finally, with the living room being a focal room within a home and the space people spend most of their time in, it can be beneficial to make this room your haven to promote a calmer environment every day.”