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Why Coffee Subscription Boxes are About More than Just a Caffeine Kick

For centuries tea has long been synonymous with the great British public, but the meteoric rise in coffee shops over the years has provided access to amazing-tasting coffee, prepared by talented and experienced baristas. With coffee shops inaccessible on and off for the last 18 months, many people struggled to get their hands on a daily brew and ventured online in search for their next caffiene kick.

Piqant, is a family-run coffee subscription app based in London. With half Italian and half Dominican heritage, the team behind Piqant knows all about what makes a good coffee. Originally, they wanted to import coffee from the Dominican Republic to the UK and roast it at their London headquarters. However, they soon realised there are some great roasters in the UK, many of whom don’t have a big online presence. Piqant was born from a passion for coffee and a desire to support independent roasters across the UK – giving them a platform and a chance to be seen by a wider audience. More people can now get incredible, ethically sourced coffee, delivered straight to their door.

Speaking about Piqant, Co-Founder, Rosanna Nibbs, talks about the complexity of coffee and says: “Drinking coffee should always be a pleasurable experience so getting to know your tastebuds better definitely helps to ensure this. It’s also really important for us that the coffee we sell is ethically sourced and the coffee farmers are getting paid properly. All of the roasters we work with are carefully selected based on their ethics as well as how good their coffee tastes.

Coffee is like wine in its complexity. It’s more than a one roast fits all concept. It’s about delving into people’s varying flavour profiles and offering them something they’ll love. With people continuing to work from home, or gradually going back into the office, but not full time, there is still a huge market for people wanting incredible coffee that they can enjoy at home. Coffee is not only a passion of ours, it’s in our roots and we want to bring independent coffee roasters and coffee lovers together. That is the ethos behind Piqant.”

How Piqant works…

New customers take Piqant’s carefully curated quiz online which taps into their tastebuds and builds a perfectly paired flavour profile. The team then suggests a range of coffees they think will match this profile. They even offer brewing advice so, whether you use a Moka Pot or a French Press, you can make the perfect coffee every time. Essentially, Piqant does all the hard work so you can discover coffee you’ll love from independent coffee roasters without even leaving your home.

In every subscription box sent out, Piqant includes the journey those beans have been on. From farm to roaster and then to your door, you’ll discover everything you need to know before you’ve even tasted it. The team is always adding new roasters to their website, meaning you can discover something new every month or stick with what you know and love. Boxes can also be bought as a one-off, making them the ideal gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

Rosanna concluded: “Whether you’re subscribing for yourself, or you’re buying a box of coffee for a friend or relative, it’s a great way to pay it forward, giving indie roasters and small businesses a helping hand. We’ve also got some delicious festive blends that make the perfect base for your favourite Christmas coffee.”

Piqant uses the data from their flavour profile quizzes to discover what types of coffee people enjoy the most and from which country. This helps them to pick roasters they know their customers are guaranteed to enjoy.