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Why Agents Should Choose Residential People in 2022

2021 has been an eye-opening, frenetic and ultimately, polarising year for the UK housing market. Residential People predict much of the same or potentially a worst-case scenario in regards to the property market throughout 2022. They can see valuation requests from homeowners going up, suggesting that more people will be making that all-important move.

This is evident, as more sellers want to be featured on portals, which of course increases pressure on agents to continue to rely on the services of property portals. This is the epitome of the terminology “supply and demand”, which increases the need for estate agents to list their inventory on these portals and then be financially squeezed for the privilege.

These are all too familiar binds that agents have been accustomed to over the years, all of which have been reported upon frequently in the media. It was recently reported that “Agents have been told by Zoopla that they face substantial hikes in their monthly fees from early next year.”

What this means is agents often find themselves in no man’s land and reluctantly choose to pledge allegiance to continue to subscribe to these online portal’s fees. This can then lead to more adverse domino effects for agents as they are then compelled to raise client fees in order to cope with their increased costs and potentially not be as competitive as they once were. This particularly affects the more traditional agents as comparatively the digital agents operate with fewer overheads.

What is the solution?

Driven by a collective vision of connecting people to property, Residential People has evolved from an alternative “challenger portal” that doesn’t rely on monthly subscription fees to list properties.

Through working closely with agents throughout the UK and beyond, they have been able to deliver products that address many of the pain points real estate agents have within the industry and agents can benefit from a portfolio of software tools, encompassing the whole property ecosystem. They have tailored their products to match the agent’s needs and ultimately enhance the user experience for the property seeker.

The synergy between their commercial property brand, Commercial People along with the ‘residential property focused’ Residential People brand, allows them to cater for a wide range of agents and their target markets. Beyond the portals themselves, the whole package for agents includes the omnichannel marketing service nurturingAI and the must-have Software as a Service platform Prospr.

This is where it gets interesting.

By not following the same model as the other portals, the objective is to disrupt the market by onboarding the agents onto their respective portals, always without any subscription fee but then introducing the optional software tools which can help them directly reach out to their locations and target markets.

Product 1: Prospr –

Prospr is a market intelligence tool that provides hyperlocal data, specific to your customer’s address, formalised within a tailored report to help vendors get their property to market.

Product 2: nurturingAI –

The game-changer that will be taking the industry by storm in 2022. Discover the first omnichannel automated marketing system exclusively for sales & lettings agents. This is an omnichannel marketing CRM that is driven by Residential People.

A property platform ecosystem that gives agents a simple equation; Portal + Props + NurturingAI = success!

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