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Viola Davis’s memoir shines light on importance of documenting life stories

Academy Award winning actress, Viola Davis, has released her very first memoir documenting her life story titled, Finding Me: A Memoir, for purchase April 26th. Her biography will allow fans and readers to gain insight into the actress’s life experiences and how these have shaped her into the person we see on our screens today. However, she is not the only person who shares this desire to have their life story translated to the written word. Many others may have lived equally as extraordinary lives but lack the means to make this known to the world.

Research from national biographer StoryTerrace reveals that over half the nation (51%) wish they could tell their younger self to document their life story, as they feel like most of it has been forgotten. Co-founder and CEO of StoryTerrace, Rutger Bruining, set out on a mission to help people preserve their memories by carefully matching those who wish to own a biography with a professional ghost-writer.

The story writing company saw increased demand for memoirs over the last two years with the number of ghost-writing staff having doubled. So, with the news of high-profile star Viola Davis releasing her much-anticipated life story, will this urge other members of the public to make their desire a reality and become a biographer themselves?

Rutger Bruining shares his thoughts about the importance of preserving our memories:

“Biography writing has boomed in the past year, which has seen high-profile individuals such as Viola Davis announcing their own works. However, it is commonly misinterpreted that one needs to be famous to have their stories shared with the world. Everyone has their own unique journey which all too often go unheard of or unfortunately forgotten about. Our history and experiences are what makes us who we are today and highlights our individuality from one another. Especially in the past 18 months, it has grown even more apparent the importance of sharing and recording these memories.

“At StoryTerrace, our writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all share the same fundamental passion for helping people to capture their stories. We have now built a network of over 750 incredible writers, all of whom have helped document some of the most moving stories of people from all walks of life. ​Clients are matched with a writer best suited to them, based on their background and personality, which makes the experience tailored to every storyteller.”