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VACCINE PASSPORTS: Can you travel if you’re vaccinated?

The UK Government is reportedly considering ‘vaccine passports’ allowing bearers more freedom to travel after the 17th of May when current restrictions ease. However, despite the current UK rules banning trips abroad for leisure, several countries have already opened their borders to UK travellers.

To help Brits keep up to date with the current rules and planned changes, has provided a comment below:

James Andrews, senior personal finance editor at, said: “Leisure travel and non-essential trips abroad are banned in the UK until May 17th at the earliest, even if you’re vaccinated. This means you could face a fine of up to £5,000 if you’re caught heading overseas on holiday.

“A few people might escape punishment if they are travelling for work, but the official list of jobs that qualify for travel exemptions is far smaller than you might realise, and if your role isn’t included on it you could be fined – regardless of what your employer says or your vaccination status.

“If you are on the exemption list, you also need to know what to do if the rules change while you’re abroad. According to government advice, you should not return straight away but should instead follow local guidance on any measures the country’s authorities are taking to control the virus before you return to the UK.

“If you’re looking to purchase travel insurance to give your trip another layer of security, it’s important to remember that your policy will be linked to the restrictions at the time you buy it, not at the time of your trip.

“For example, if you bought travel insurance before the current travel ban was put in place, you would be covered in the event of a cancelled trip, but if you purchase insurance after the ban was announced, there would be little chance of getting your money back.

“If you do end up purchasing a policy in the next few months, be sure to check the provider’s COVID policy before you pay. Several providers have stopped offering policies that cover you for COVID related disruptions altogether, so even if the deal looks good on the surface, you might find yourself out of pocket if the current restrictions change and you’re unable to travel.”