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Until, the First Members Club And Workspace For Health & Wellness Professionals, raises $3m and announces first UK site

Until, the world’s first members club and workspace for personal trainers, coaches and treatment professionals, has raised $3m as part of its initial fundraise. On a mission to make market-leading services and HealthTech more accessible and affordable for professionals, Until’s investors include senior execs and founders from major corporations, including Novartis, Bridgepoint, Secret Sales, IG Index and Abacus Insights.

Until is a community driven B2B model, created and designed entirely for self-employed health and wellness professionals; giving them a new home to run their businesses from. Launching first in London and working with Soho Estates, the first Until site will be in the new Ilona Rose House, moments from Tottenham Court Road Station. Opening its doors this Autumn, Until will compromise of an 8,500 square-foot space that includes 3,000 square-foot of gym floor, 11 treatment rooms, 7 coaching rooms and a Clubhouse for members to connect and collaborate when they’re not delivering sessions for clients.

Until is for leading industry professionals working across three key groups—those who train, those who treat and those who coach. The community will range from personal trainers to physios, osteopaths to psychotherapists, nutritionists to acupuncturists and many more.

The ultimate goal of the business is to give these professionals a better workspace and all the support they need to run and grow their businesses, so in addition to the best-in-class amenities, an impressive suite of business-support services are on offer, ranging from new client generation support, accountancy and financial advice through to digital marketing. But Until also offer their Members a market-leading range of wellbeing and personal benefits; everything from health insurance, sick and injury pay, mental health support, ongoing CPD training focused on their specialist profession and beyond – giving Members many of the benefits of being a salaried employee but without the restrictions on how they work and earn.

Until will even offer their Members discounted access to leading HealthTech such as cryochambers, hyperbaric chambers and dexa scanners to name a few.

Why the name Until? Until is the fulcrum at the heart of every goal: I’ll keep training until I can run a sub-20-minute 5km, or I’ll go to a physio every week until I can walk pain-free. It’s forward looking, dynamic and all about goal achievement.

Until co-founders VISHAL AMIN and ALEX PELLEW recognised that the industry was broken—an issue that has been accelerated by at least five years because of Covid. Amin and Pellew could see that professionals in the health and wellness space created huge value for their clients yet, in the current industry-standard model, weren’t given a fair share of that value by employers. “We wanted to change that,” says Vishal Amin. “We have developed a business model that gives health and wellbeing professionals full control over how they work, earn and live. Ultimately, this allows them to realise the full value of the service they provide while removing many of the fears and pressures of being self-employed” Amin continues.

“We have found that often health and wellbeing professionals are great at serving their Clients, but all the tasks that go into running a business —marketing, accounting, business admin—that’s often the bit that they struggle with. Over time, we will take that work off their plates, so they can focus on what they’re brilliant at: transforming bodies, minds and lives” says Alex Pellew.

With community at the heart of the business, the Clubhouse is the nerve centre. A space for Members to get their head down between sessions, connect with other professionals outside of their silos, or grab a bite to eat, it is where professionals come to learn, hone and inspire each other. “Inside the Clubhouse, you will look around and see all these amazing people who you want to learn from and collaborate with. The power in what we’re doing lies in helping professionals connect and support each other better” says Alex.

Created for the world we live in now, Until offers flexibility and with no long term membership contracts. The more services Members use, the less expensive they are. And everything is booked through Until’s purpose-built digital platform. It’s both simple and flexible. Membership at Until is based on a peer-review process. “Working with high quality professionals is critical for us, people who are leaders in their field that will add value to the community” says Vishal.

With Soho Estates as its real estate partner, the Until member is plugging into a burgeoning creative hub in the centre of London. John James, the managing director of Soho Estates says, “We are absolutely committed to Until and are excited to welcome them to our new site, Ilona Rose House, this Autumn. Our business is to build a community in Soho and Until will help us to further amplify what we have achieved. Together we have a vision to create a modern usable space, deliver bespoke technical solutions and anchor this community of health and wellness professionals in Soho for years to come.”

Backed by experience, behind Until is a team of five co-founders and a real estate team that has previously built multi-million-pound real estate businesses and led projects encompassing 14 million-square-feet of commercial space in London. The ambition for growth includes a target of 15 Until sites across Europe and USA within 3 years. “After the W1 launch, we are then rolling out across the City and West London. Our ambition is to have four London sites live by summer 2022”, says Amin.

Facilities include:

Fully equipped PT gym: the gym space has been designed to help personal trainers deliver the best 1-2-1 training experience for their clients.

Member Clubhouse: An elegantly designed space where Members can connect, do online sessions or just get their head down and run their business.

Specialist treatment rooms: Expertly equipped but beautifully designed rooms that have been designed specifically for treatment professionals.

Luxurious changing rooms: Elegant and stylish changing rooms, designed to give Members and their clients an uplifting and premium experience.

Ergonomic coaching rooms: Guided by industry leaders to create the ideal environment for health and wellbeing coaches.

Cryochamber – A top of the range cryochamber, designed by Cryoaction, to help Members and their clients recover more quickly after training or treatment.