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UK viewers average over 4 hours of TV time per person a day

Can you guess the show?

The amount of TV shows that are produced in the UK, and streamed globally, is reaching all-time highs around the world. Nowadays, there are even series that compete with the classics from the golden age of TV and the likes of Sopranos, 24, and OZ.

Series like Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders (originally BBC) are already considered modern classics, and it was reported that Amazon and Netflix doubled their spending on production costs for the UK series between 2017-2018.

Gala Bingo has recently released a handful of blog posts that take a closer look at the biggest wins in game shows, what the favorite TV moments were during 2021 and in their latest post, a TV show quiz where you try to guess the programme and see just how much of a binger you really are.

David Winter, Marketing Manager of Gala Bingo, explains that “the quiz is more of a tribute, rather than a self-diagnostic tool, to all the great shows that we have access to, especially for the shows produced in the UK. We truly embrace and appreciate the technological advancements that we have seen in the entertainment industry over the last few years, bringing us our favorite pastime entertainment through streaming and on-demand solutions.”

The fight for the market share of subscribers to streaming services was more of a US-centric battle just a few years back, with viewers in the rest of the world having to wait for releases of movies and TV shows in their respective regions. This is not the case anymore and it is safe to assume that most households have subscriptions not just to Netflix, which dominated the market for years, but now also are signed up for several other local or national services from Sky to Prime TV, even Disney Plus to Apple TV.

Did you get the correct answer?
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