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Top 5 Low Maintenance Plants Your Garden Needs This Summer

This week we’re celebrating national gardening week. With the nation having found a new love for gardening while in lockdown we have grown to love and care for our gardens more than ever before.

Google Trends analysis has identified a UK search spike for “gardening” in April 2021, correlating with the new government guidelines stating that up to six people can meet up outside and in private gardens. CBD Specialist, Eden’s Gate, has put together a list of the best low maintenance plants for your garden this summer for those who haven’t quite grown their green fingers.

Peonies they’re very long lived and bloom in the same spot for decades meaning they’re a low maintenance flower that comes back year after year with no intervention needed. As well as being beautiful in colour they are also drought resistant plants and slug resistant.

Hydrangeas are easy to care for with huge beautiful full heads in their full spring. Coming in many different colours such as; blue, green, pink, purple, red and white these will definitely catch the eye of your garden guests this summer.

Butterfly Bush
The sun loving plants are some of the longest blooming shrubs. Butterfly Bush are one of the easiest plants to care for, water the shrub slowly and thoroughly during the dry spells during the summer periods. The most labour intensive part for caring for butterfly bushes is deadheading!

Coneflowers are hardy, drought-tolerant and long blooming meaning they are super easy to care for with zero effort needed. The gorgeous pinks and purples will add a pop of colour in your garden attracting butterflies.

Anemone are both early flowering and late flowering meaning your garden will be beaming all year round. Flowered in pinks, reds, blues and whites these flowers will bring smiles to all your guests this summer. Anemone are also very low maintenance to keep, regular water is all that is needed.