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Three Major Cities in Europe to Host Treedom’s Life Size Murals to Raise Awareness for Earth Day and World Environment Day

Three larger than life eco-friendly murals of growing trees will be painted from today, Earth Day, on major city buildings throughout Europe. The murals will be created by Treedom, the world’s first digital platform for growing and gifting trees.

As part of a pan-European campaign, the murals will be painted over the course of six weeks to raise awareness of the key environmental issues facing the world today. The bustling cities of London, Berlin, and Milan will be home to Treedom’s life-size tree murals. The first stage of painting will kick off on Earth Day on 22nd April and be completed by 6th May, one month ahead of World Environment Day in June. Treedom hopes that these life-sized works of art will spark inspiration, curiosity, and initiate climate action. It is Treedom’s goal to grow 20,000 trees in a dedicated digital forest between Earth Day and World Environment Day.

Earth Day and World Environment Day provide much needed opportunities to shine a spotlight on some of the biggest environmental challenges facing us today. By increasing meaningful conversations and educating consumers and businesses on topics such as climate change and actionable steps to improving carbon absorption, real change can happen. This is why Treedom is highlighting the importance of growing trees and the long-lasting positive impact this has on future generations from both, an environmental and economical perspective.

Visitors to the murals will be able to scan a QR code and are taken directly to Treedom’s campaign landing page where they can find out more about the initiative. They will also have the chance to choose to invest in growing one of six specially selected trees in one of Treedom’s 17 projects around the world and receive access to an online tree diary to keep up to date with the impact of the project.

For each campaign tree purchased, Treedom will plant an additional tree. Users who purchase one of the six special trees will be given a free tree code to plant this second tree, which can be gifted to a loved one or used themselves. Every individual who purchases a tree through this initiative invests in the future of our planet. Besides the environmental benefits, local communities and farmers will benefit from procuring food security and economic growth.

Federico Garcea, founder & CEO of Treedom says, “Days like Earth Day and World Environment Day are important reminders of the continued investment and effort required to turn the tide on climate change and take steps to protect our planet for future generations. We want to encourage conversations that make a real difference and show consumers and businesses who are serious about behaving more sustainably that growing trees can be one of the answers. It’s not just about throwing seeds in the ground: it’s about growing the right tree in the right environment at the right time and helping local communities support their own economies. Every day is Earth Day, every day is World Environment Day.”