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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Your Samsung

Samsung produces some of the most powerful smartphones available on the market, with many hidden features and technologies available. Following the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22, experts at mobile phone retailer Fonehouse have shared six tips and tricks that you might not know your Samsung smartphone is capable of.

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One-Handed Mode
For easier control of your phone with just one hand, which will temporarily scale down the display size of your screen.

To turn on One-handed Mode> Launch Settings > Advanced Features > Go to Motions and gestures > Tap on One-handed mode > Tap Gesture or Button to activate One-handed mode.

Depending on the action you selected, you can activate One-handed mode by swiping down on the centre of the bottom edge of the screen or by double tapping the home button.

Always On Display
The display of a Samsung phone is set to turn off when not in use and only appears when you tap the screen. However, by activating the Always On Display, you can set the device to display important information on your lock screen when the screen is off without touching it, such as the time, the weather or what you have on for the day.

To turn on Always on Display > Launch Settings > Tap Lock screen > Tap Always on Display > Tap the switch at the top of the screen > Choose the mode that best suits your needs.

To choose which apps to display > Launch Settings > Tap Lock screen > Tap FaceWidgets > Tap the switch(es) next to the apps you’d like to be displayed.

Pin Windows
Pin windows is a useful feature where you can pin an application to your device’s screen. This feature locks your phone so that only the pinned application is available to the person using it which is handy if you want to show somebody something on your phone but you don’t want them to access anything else, as well as avoiding any interruptions to the app.

To turn on pin windows > Launch Settings > Tap Biometrics and security > Tap Other security settings > Turn Pin Windows on > Turn on ask for pin before unpinning.

To Pin an App to the screen > Open an app you want to pin > Tap recents > Tap the app icon > Tap Pin this app.

Note: Your device must be running on Android Oreo and later

Arrange Apps Alphabetically
If you like to keep your apps organised, one way to do this is to order them alphabetically. On your Samsung, you can quickly and easily organise your app drawer so they are listed this way.

To arrange your apps alphabetically > Open the Apps screen > Tap the ellipsis icon > Display layout > Select alphabetical list.

Colour By Keyword
You can customise your notifications with Colour By Keyword so that when there is a notification with a selected keyword, it will appear in your chosen colour.

To set up colour by keywords > Launch Settings > Tap Notifications > Tap brief pop-up settings > Tap Colour by keyword > Type your keyword and select which colour you want the notification to be.

Note: This is available in Galaxy S20 models and later.

Dynamic Lock Screen
To keep your lock screen fresh, a Dynamic Lock screen automatically changes your wallpaper so that it rotates to a different image every time your phone wakes up. You select between image packs, which are groups of wallpapers that will update automatically every two weeks.

To enable dynamic lock screen > Launch settings > Tap Lock Screen > Tap Wallpaper services > Tap Apply > Go to the Settings icon (If it’s your first time you will automatically be taken here) > Tap on an image pack to download it and the dynamic Lock screen will automatically be applied as your wallpaper.

Ben Branson, CEO of Fonehouse commented:
“Samsung smartphones are packed full of technology and great hidden features. But the fact that they have so many features, means it can be impossible to know everything they are capable of.

Whether you’re new to Samsung, or just wanting to learn more about what your Samsung device can do, we hope these hidden tips and tricks are useful and can help you make the most out of your Samsung Galaxy.”