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The Social Media League: Top 10 Premier League clubs with the highest social media following

New research reveals that Manchester United is the most popular club in the Premier League on social media.

Research conducted by betting experts Betpack examined the verified social media profiles of each football club in this season’s Premier League to reveal which club has the highest social media following. The analysis was based on each club’s combined number of followers across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The study revealed that Manchester United is the most followed Premier League club on social media, with more than 171 million combined followers across different platforms. As one of the most widely supported football clubs worldwide, Manchester United has 76 million followers on Facebook; this follower count alone is substantially higher than any club’s following on any social media platform. Additionally, the club also has the highest number of followers on Instagram, with 54 million followers. Manchester United’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo is also currently the most followed person on Instagram, with 398 million followers.

Chelsea is the second-most followed club in the Premier League, the study reveals. With more than 107 million combined followers, Chelsea is the most popular London-based team, holding the second-highest amount of Facebook followers – 51 million – and the second most popular club on Twitter, with more than 19 million followers. Midfielder N’Golo Kanté is currently the most popular Chelsea player on Instagram, with 12.6 million followers.

The third most followed Premier League club is Liverpool, with a combined 100 million followers across social media. Liverpool has the second-highest number of followers on Instagram, with more than 35 million followers, and the third most popular club on Twitter with 19 million followers. Currently, Liverpool’s most-followed player on Instagram is forward Mohamed Salah, with a vast 47 million followers.

Manchester City places as the fourth most popular club in the Premier League, raking in more than 87 million followers across multiple social media platforms. For instance, the club has 41 million Facebook followers – the third-highest overall – and is the fourth most popular Premier League club on Instagram, securing 38 million followers.

The research found that Premier League club Arsenal has a combined total of 80 million followers, making them the fifth most popular club on social media. As the second most-followed London club, Arsenal is the fourth most popular club on Twitter with 18.5 million followers, as well as the fifth most followed club on Instagram, with more than 21 million followers.

Tottenham Hotspur also features as one of the most followed clubs in the Premier League, with more than 55 million followers across different social media platforms. Despite placing as the sixth most followed club in the Premier League, Tottenham is the most followed club on TikTok, with 13 million followers and a total of 94.4 million likes.

A spokesperson for Betpack commented on the findings: “The Premier League is the world’s richest and most popular football league, which is demonstrated in each club’s vast social media following. Today, social media completely dominates the way fans interact and engage with the clubs they are passionate about, so it is fascinating to see each club’s popularity across the platforms.

The phrase ‘Manchester United top the table by a distance’ is usually associated with the glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson, but their social media dominance is clear to see. Supporters of the club will no doubt hope they can start converting online success into real life trophies.”