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The North-East is the safest place to raise a child in the UK

The best regions to raise children in the UK have been revealed from new research — and the North-East came out on top, scoring highly in key areas.

Research conducted by CE Safety took into account a number of various factors, including school ratings, the affordability of housing, and local crime statistics.

Using The Office for National Statistics Data, the North-East tops the charts for affordability and comes in second place for the lowest crime numbers.

CE Safety also looked at primary school league tables using data published by the Department for Education and the North-East came fourth on primary school ratings.

The South-East of England has the best primary schools but has the worst affordability for parents. The affordability rankings were calculated by dividing house prices by gross annual residence-based earnings.

A spokesperson for CE Safety says “According to property website Rightmove, there has been a surge in interest from parents and house hunters looking to move to smaller communities in the countryside.

“We know that parents want a safe place to live for their families, they also want to live somewhere they can afford, and they want to be based somewhere that has good schools. This prompted us to do some research.

“The research shows that if parents go where the best schools are, like the South-East, they must compromise on higher crime and affordability.

“If parents would prefer a low crime location like the North-East, parents are more likely to have to compromise on better schools, but are in a good position on affordability.”

Whenever families move house, they should do their research on how safe a neighbourhood is. Safety is of utmost importance and here is some advice from CE Safety about how to keep your family safe inside the home too:

Keep doors locked
Most burglaries happen when people are at home, according to concerning new ONS statistics which are being used to urge the public to keep their doors locked at all times.

Some 64 per cent of burglaries in England and Wales occurred while residents were at home, according to ONS data from April 2019 to March 2020. It might seem obvious, but when you’re in and out, keep those doors bolted.

Have a robust door locks

One of the main security problems most people have, according to experts, is not having the correct lock fitted in their front door.

For people to have peace of mind, it is advised that Brits splash out on recommended locks and bolts, for example, Yale and Chubb locks are known for being sturdy and secure

Repel intruders
There are a few easy ways to keep criminals from being attracted to your home, especially as most are opportunist thieves.

Get a burglar alarm and/or CCTV if you can. Make sure to secure the garden well to avoid any easy access, and make your outside space noisy by using gravel, which will deter a burglar for fear of being spotted.

More often than not, just the presence of a device can serve as a deterrent.

Get the neighbours involved
Being part of a community is always a great way to keep your area safe. Neighbourhood Watch groups are particularly effective, as are Facebook groups and having regular meet-ups.

Make friends and everyone will keep a lookout for each other and their properties by working as a team.

Keep valuables out of sight
Another simple but important thing to do before you go to bed or go out. Burglars will have a go if you make it easy. If there’s nothing obvious to take, they are more likely to move on.

Don’t leave your car keys in the hallway visible from the front door letterbox.

Leave a light on

Many UK residents do this even while they are at home, but leaving a light on can be a great deterrent. If you’re heading to bed early, consider leaving an energy-efficient light on downstairs. You want to give the impression that someone is still awake in the house.

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