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The Most Popular Nursery Decor Trends, according to Instagram

The Most Popular Nursery Decor Trends, according to Instagram

A new report from The Edit by Silver Cross reveals the Instagrammable nursery trends for 2022
Modern and neutral nursery décor the most popular on the photo sharing app
Pink is crowned the most instagrammable nursery colour
A new report from The Edit by Silver Cross reveals Instagrammable nursery style and colour trends for 2022. Using Instagram data, the team have revealed the most popular trending styles and décor colours for the season ahead, so your new-born can sleep and play in style!

The Most Instagrammable Nursery Style Trends

Modern and neutral nursery styles dominate Instagram this spring, according to hashtag data. Earthy, natural designs are favoured, with the top twelve featuring many outdoor themes. Woodland nursery, for example, had a total of 101,588 posts and comes third in the rankings, and Safari nursery came in fourth with 37,754.

The global pandemic has resulted in a growing appreciation of the outdoors, with many spending more time in nature over the last couple of years. As a result, we’re seeking to bring the outside in, celebrating precious wildlife and passing this love on to the next generation.

Full rankings below:

Rank hashtag number of posts
1 #modernnursery 173,198
2 #neutralnursery 111,042
3 #woodlandnursery 101,588
4 #safarinursery 37,754
5 #vintagenursery 34,376
6 #rainbownursery 25,494
7 #floralnursery 20,814
8 #nauticalnursery 20,594
9 #junglenursery 14,204
10 #rusticnursery 12,056
11 #naturalnursery 11,832
12 #animalnursery 11,028

The Most Instagrammable Nursery Colour Trends

Pink is the most Instagrammable nursery colour for 2022, with a total of 24,619 posts, showing the traditional new-born shade has not lost its style in the wake of more modern whites and browns. The contemporary grey comes in second place with a total of 16,195 posts, with white coming in third with 6,879 posts.

The top Instagrammable nursery colours come in soft, pastel tones and speak to the modern, natural design, giving calming soothing energy to any baby born in Spring 2022.

See full rankings below:

rank hashtag number of posts
1 #pinknursery 24,619
2 #greynursery 16,195
3 #whitenursery 6,879
4 #bluenursery 6,065
5 #greennursery 6,020
6 #purplenursery 2,398
7 #yellownursery 2,254
8 #peachnursery 751
9 #beigenursery 617
10 #orangenursery 490
Steph Sharples, Creative Manager at Silver Cross comments “On the road to parenthood, there are many moments you’ll never forget, and designing your baby’s nursery is one of them. It’s a chance to get creative and ready yourself for bringing your little one into the world. You’ll be in there just as much as your baby, so it’s important you really connect with it and feel comfortable in the space.

These instagrammable décor styles inhabit much of the traditional nursery with print wallpaper and animal themes, but also go cohesively in the modern home with natural, earthy colours. They’re all a great bet for any new mother looking for cool, soothing tones this year.”