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The Man Behind Adele’s Hair – Sami Knight and REHAB

Adele is due to return to the UK in a matter of weeks for first concert in five years. Set to make history not only with her voice but also with her glamorous looks.

Sami Knight is the LA based hairdresser and the man behind some of Adele’s most iconic looks including her Easy On Me music video, ‘30’ album cover and the memorable SNL night which Adele hosted. Sami is not only loved by the Grammy Award winning artist, but is also a hit with stars including Cristina Aguilera, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and Jessie J.

Sami is set to style Adele’s hair at BST Hyde Park and is going to be using none other than REHAB. to style her hair. REHAB. is the new brand which launched 15th June and is set to make waves across the hair industry. Their products can transform burnt-out, over styled locks in minutes. The debut collection includes the unique Dose 1.0 Hair Oil (£26.00), Silk Heatless Curler (£35.00) and Vital Hairbrush (£12.00). Beautifully packaged with accessible pricing, REHAB. is also an eco-friendly contribution to the market.