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The Innovative Sustainable Wipes That Have Found Unlikely Success in the Care Sector

East Sussex-based company, Cheeky Wipes, the creator of sustainable, reusable wipes has found surprising success in one of the most under-pressure industries in the UK, the care sector.

The innovative company has found a unique solution to tackle the high numbers of baby wipes that care workers use every day. With the average
community carer visiting each client up to four times a day to provide personal care, the number of baby wipes used can quickly add up. Despite the wipes being an effective way to banish dirt, bacteria, and grime, they are notoriously bad for the environment.

Every year, 11 billion wet wipes are used in the UK and 90% of these wipes contain microplastics [1] which can’t be broken down or recycled. This leads to wipes clogging up our sewers, polluting water sources, and killing off precious marine life.

Determined to tackle these sustainability issues, Cheeky Wipes designed a range of user-friendly and practical alternatives to baby wipes that don’t compromise on quality of care. The washable wipes come in a range of sizes and are made of premium cotton terry towelling as well as Oeko-tex certified material and dyes that are safe for use on even the most sensitive skin.

These sustainable wipes have allowed care workers to ditch the single use wipes and reduce the amount of waste produced during each visit. Since carers are already used to cleaning and washing every day, making the straightforward switch over to reusable wipes has been encouraged and championed by many carers in the industry.

But not only do Cheeky Wipes’ products help the environment, but they also provide a much more cost-effective alternative to baby wipes. Although people who require care are given incontinence products from their local hospital team, these kits often don’t include baby wipes, which need to be purchased separately. If the average client goes through 4 packs of wipes a week (costing roughly £10), this can add up to as much as £500 annually.

This stands in stark comparison to the Cheeky Wipes’ best-selling sustainable wipes which start at just £8.49 for a ten-pack of premium cotton wipes.

Helen Rankin, Cheeky Wipes Founder, says, “Switching to reusable wipes isn’t just a way to save money for the care sector, they also clean far better than disposable options too, which provides dignity for those using them. The fact that they’re eco-friendly is a bonus too.”

Cheeky wipes offer a broad range of reusable cloth-based face wipes, nappies, period products, and more that are available to order online.