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The UK has seen a huge increase in demand for clean air fitness over the past 3 months.

Since the UK went into lockdown on the 23rd March, users of the TENZING Clean Air Tracker have logged 53,000 runs, 42% of the tracker’s annual uploads!

Now, as restrictions ease, people are starting to look for cleaner commuter routes, the natural energy drinks brand TENZING has added new functionality to its popular ‘TENZING CLEAN AIR TRACKER’ to create: THE ANTI-POLLUTION SOLUTION FOR CYCLISTS

With the UK experiencing a 300% rise in the number of people cycling and an estimated tenfold increase in London, it’s more important than ever to make polluted air visible!

The ‘TENZING Clean Air Tracker’ is now accessible to millions of London’s runners, cyclists and pedestrians.

The free tracker, developed in partnership with King’s College London, syncs with Strava to give users real-time Air Quality data for their runs, walks or cycle rides.