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Ten jewellery superstitions to know before the big day

Certain jewels can bring bad luck to brides and grooms to be when worn on their wedding day, according to experts.

Ethical jewellery experts Ingle & Rhode have gathered some of the most interesting and unusual superstitions that you might not know about some staple jewellery accessories.

From necklaces to charms, a lot of jewellery has hidden meanings that are considered lucky or unlucky, depending on what it is and when it is worn.

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Some jewellery, like rosary beads, are considered good luck, whereas wearing pearls on your wedding day suggests that you will have tears in your marriage.

Tim Ingle of Ingle & Rhode said: “Every bride and groom wants their special day to go as smoothly as possible, which may mean being careful about the jewellery they choose to wear!

“Traditional stories surrounding what jewellery to wear on your wedding day and which pieces bring good luck, are really interesting to look into, whether you’re interested in learning about their origins or believe in superstitions.”

Ingle & Rhode’s ten jewellery items and their superstitions:

Good luck charms
Charms have been considered good luck for centuries, with many believing they can deter dark forces. There are a wide range of lucky charms including four leaf clovers, horseshoes and acorns. However, any charm given can have a special meaning attached to it.

Taking your engagement ring off
Legend has it that taking your engagement ring off before you’re married will bring bad luck for the bride to be. There are some myths that even go as far as suggesting that if you let someone else try on your ring, the person who tried it on will steal the happiness of the bride, and steal the heart of her husband.

Wearing turquoise stones
Wearing a turquoise stone is considered to be good luck that brings happiness and good-fortune to anyone who wears it. It is also said to help keep relationships together.

Don’t wear pearls on your wedding day
Even though pearls are beautiful and an accessory that compliments wedding dresses, it is surprising that wearing pearls on your wedding day is actually considered to be bad luck. Pearls are known to be the “tears of an oyster” and follows that if you wear them at your wedding, then you will get tears in your marriage too.

Heirloom jewellery
Although being handed down jewellery can be a nice sentiment, especially if you are following the tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” you need to consider where it has come from. The folklore suggests that if the piece of jewellery has come from a rocky marriage, then this will get passed down to the bride and groom.

Lucky pendants
Like charms, some pendants are also believed to bring about good luck to anyone who wears them. The most popular at the moment are crystal necklaces. Each crystal has different healing properties, Amethyst is said to heal and purify whereas Rose Quartz is meant to encourage love and trust. Any crystal necklace can be chosen depending on the person.

Rosary beads bring you good luck
Rosary beads are centred around religion, and are used for prayer and meditation particularly for Catholics. People can be comforted even by holding them and it is believed that they can bring people closer to God.

Protective jewellery
The Hamsa Hand comes from ancient Middle-Eastern culture, and is said to protect against evil and bring whoever owns one luck, happiness and good fortune. It is very common in jewellery and symbolises the hand of God.

The ring finger
According to ancient Egyptians, the reason why the wedding ring is placed on the left hand is because it was originally believed that there was a blood vessel that ran from the finger all the way to the heart, although this has never been proven, the tradition has still been carried through the centuries.

Only wear your own birthstone
Wearing a birthstone that is different to yours is said to bring about bad luck, but if you do decide to wear your own birthstone, then there are believed to be many benefits, like bringing good luck and deterring illnesses. Birthstones are also thought to contain healing properties.