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Tattoodo Embarks on an Inspiring Redemption Journey with Crowdfunding Campaign

Tattoodo, the global tattoo marketplace, is scripting a tale of redemption and transformation with its latest crowdfunding campaign. After a strategic restructuring in October 2022, the startup is on a mission to expand its services and redefine the tattoo experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Backed by Danish football captains Daniel Agger, Simon Kjær, and tattoo industry legend Ami James, Tattoodo is poised to make waves in the industry.

Since launching its booking service in London in 2023, Tattoodo has experienced unprecedented growth, averaging an impressive 25% month-over-month increase. The platform has generated $1.3 million in artist revenue Year-To-Date, up to September 23, 2023.

In a staggering show of support, the crowdfunding campaign, initially opened privately, reached an impressive 50% funding within the first 12 hours. This quick and substantial backing speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and belief in Tattoodo’s mission to digitise the tattoo experience.

Tattoodo’s core mission is to ensure accessibility and quality for all. With over 3,000 tattoo studios and more than 10,000 tattoo artists across the UK, Tattoodo simplifies the process of finding the perfect tattoo and artist, making it an effortless experience. By working exclusively with carefully handpicked and verified quality artists and leveraging cutting-edge technology and AI, they have created a user-friendly marketplace where people can effortlessly find and book the right artist for their next tattoo.

Johan Plenge, Founder of Tattoodo, shared, “It’s been a journey of resilience and passion, but it’s inspiring to see the engagement in our crowdfunding campaign. This shows people want to enable the tattoo democratisation, and that we are on the right path leading the way.”

Investors have the opportunity to participate at various tiers, each offering exclusive benefits. ‘First-timers’ can invest as little as 100€ and receive a 20€ voucher for use in the app, while ‘VIPs’ who invest 30,000€ receive a remarkable 20% lifetime discount in the app, solidifying their status as valued members of the Tattoodo community with exclusive perks.

Speaking of perks, investors wanting to be a part of Tattoodo’s exciting future will also receive quarterly investor updates to stay informed about the company’s progress, access to the annual investor meeting, and an exclusive booking concierge service to assist in setting up tattoo appointments. Investors will also be invited to Tattoodo launch parties, pop-up studios, and flash events, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the platform’s unique and unforgettable experiences as true insiders.

By joining the campaign, backers contribute to shaping the future of the tattoo industry and fostering a transformative and inclusive community. To be a part of this exciting startup and help people get tattooed, visit