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Tabuu Announces the Launch of Modern-day Pill Case

Finally, a modern-day pill case is available to carry your medication in! Tabuu is launching its durable, stylish and waterproof pill case on 22nd September, for people who don’t want their medication to define their lifestyle. Tabuu pill cases, priced at £22.00 each, will be available to buy via the Tabuu website and Amazon.

Tabuu’s pill case is stylish, tactile, and able to hold up to 6 large tablets. At 7.5cm, a case can fit in a bag, on a keyring, or in your pocket to keep your medication safe whilst you’re on-the-go. Made from durable food grade stainless steel and fully waterproof, the case is available in four chic colours, including Jet Black, Cosmic Grey, Lavender and Flamingo Pink.

Tabuu was created by 26-year-old entrepreneur Lucy Rout as a way to help remove the stigma of taking medication by opening conversations, educating, and inspiring. After being diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer in 2019 and undergoing a Whipple surgery that radically changed her digestive system, Lucy was told she would need to take medication every time she eats, for the rest of her life. Her journey led her to find that there were no plastic-free, stylish, and durable pill cases on the market. Feeling let down by the lack of products available and outdated social stigma around taking medication, she built a brand to become part of the solution.

Tabuu’s founder & CEO Lucy Rout comments,
“After surgery, I was told that I was going to have to take enzyme medication every time I ate for life and was handed a medical, plastic pill case to keep my tablets in. At a time when I already had a lot to process, I felt like the rest of my life would be defined by medicine. I searched everywhere for something to keep my tablets in that would at the very least make me feel a little bit better about this important part of my day and was really disappointed to find nothing existed for people with needs like mine. Many people, including me, have had to resort to carrying our tablets in sandwich bags, foil and in our jean pockets and we deserve an awful lot better.

“Whether taking medication for contraception, mental health, pain relief, or any of the other many reasons, it is never something you should ever be made to feel uncomfortable for doing. I want to empower people to feel unapologetic with their medication by creating beautiful, conversation-driving cases that also offer discretion for the days you’d rather not open up.”

As part of the company ethos to give something back, Tabuu will donate a percentage of profits to a selection of cancer charities, supporting the amazing work they do.

Tabuu launches on the 22nd September 2021 at 6pm with the original collection pill case available to purchase via the Tabuu website and Amazon.