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TABLE FOR ONE! Giggling Squid Offers ‘Peace And Quiet’ Solo Tables For Parents

With the recent spate of solo diners being turned away from restaurants, Giggling Squid is making it clear; single guests are welcome at their restaurants this September. This comes just in time for the ‘back to school’ period when solo dining is well-deserved. For two weeks only, at the beginning of September, exhausted parents will be able to request an individual quiet table and a free glass of Prosecco for some all-important down time.

All parents have to do is turn up and request some ‘peace and quiet’ in the wake of the raucous summer holidays, and they will be presented with a single table in the quietest corner in one of Giggling Squid’s 49 national restaurants. They will also be given an ice-cold glass of fizz as they are seated – the perfect tonic to a stressful time when the kids head back to school.

What’s more, the first two guests in every restaurant who request ‘peace and quiet’ will be rewarded with a £20 voucher from Treatwell, to put towards a beauty treatment of their choice.

With Google searches for ‘school holidays 2024’ increasing by 1,600% this week*, parents are already worrying about what to do with their children next year, so Giggling Squid’s ‘peace and quiet’ tables will hopefully offer some well-earned respite as the kids go back to school.

Giggling Squid Co-founder, Andy Laurillard said, “I know personally that the children going back to school in September brings a wave of emotions – sadness that the summer is over, but also relief as we get some time back after the busy holidays. The launch of our ‘peace and quiet’ tables celebrate solo diners (who have been getting a hard time recently!) as well as parents and the great work they do, day in and day out.”

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