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Special event commemorates the the merging of Bolton College and the University of Bolton

Staff from the Bolton College and the University of Bolton were told that the merger of the two institutions presented “a fantastic opportunity” at a special event to commemorate the historic move.

Hundreds of staff attended to hear senior management from both the College and University outline the reasoning behind the “carefully considered” decision.

Bolton College officially merged with the University at one minute past midnight on August 1, 2018.

Professor George Holmes, President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Bolton, hosted the gathering at the Victoria Hall in Bolton town centre and introduced the speakers. He said the process had been long and hard, but that it had been done for all the right reasons – to provide the best possible future for both institutions and give students the best possible learning experience. Prof Holmes told staff: “It has been a long time for this to happen but now it has, I want to ask you to think about what you can do for the merger. What can you bring?

“The benefit to you is that it provides the opportunity for you to work on a much bigger canvas and we want you to encourage the students to raise their aspirations. Let’s help them to achieve their potential.”

The Earl of St Andrews, Chancellor of the University of Bolton, said via video: “I would like to give my warmest congratulations on the merger of Bolton College and the University of Bolton.

“This is an historic moment in our organisations’ history, bringing the University and the College back together after they went their separate ways in 1982.”

He said that the joining together would provide important synergies for the two thriving educational establishments. “It will enhance opportunities for everybody who works and studies in both. The University will remain a university; the College, a college. Both organisations will continue to focus on teaching excellence. This is an important moment in our shared history.”