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Sexpert weighs in on And Just Like That’s Che and Miranda romance!

Sex and The City’s long-awaited new series ‘And Just Like That’ have been back on our screens for a few weeks and have caused quite a stir, notably, THAT ending of the first episode. One area of big discussion is Che and Miranda’s romance.

The relationship between the two has been getting a lot of attention, with many viewers frustrated at how the show is attempting to write a non-binary character.

Edwina, a sexpert with decades of experience at Bedbible, has weighed in on some of the issues surrounding the controversial relationship;

“It’s fantastic to see the show striving to be more inclusive, and we absolutely need more (and better) representation of marginalized sexualities and gender expressions. That being said, I think there is definitely room for improvement.

First of all, it’s not gone unnoticed that Che’s character seems to be an amalgamation of non-binary, queer stereotypes — a decision that only perpetuates these limiting and damaging stereotypes rather than the show’s influential voice to challenge them.

Not to mention, the writers have given Che some pretty unlikeable character traits, making it hard for viewers to empathize with them — you only have to look to the over 200 posts in the ‘And Just Like That’s’ Che Diaz Is the Worst Character on TV’ Reddit group to see the effect!

My next issue is that the surrounding storyline adds more fuel to the fire, making it harder for viewers to support the relationship. Not only do their hookups involve infidelity, but to me, it felt like Miranda’s sexual exploration was, at least in part, framed to be a result of boredom in her heterosexual marriage.

I also have to add that the first sex scene in episode five was so lacking in believable chemistry. Unlike some sex steamy scenes that leave you reaching for your vibrator, I think this one left a lot of people reaching for something to cover their eyes! Luckily, episode seven’s sex scene had a lot more to offer.

It’s really interesting to see how the storyline will develop, and I really hope that this sparks a broader, more realistic representation of LQBTQ+ individuals and relationships.”