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Scrambled tofu & a cuppa? Tea with a cheeseburger…the nations top tea & snacks revealed ahead of National Tea Day on 21st April

Brits drink 36 billion cups of tea every year* with at least one cup of tea enjoyed daily by 79 percent of brits, and almost 50 percent admitting to loving sipping on multiple cuppas every day, according to new research by tea mixologists Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Surveying 2,014 Brits, and timed to coincide with the nation celebrating National Tea Day on 21st April, the research uncovers the most popular tea and snack combos, with surprising results.

Whilst many sip all day long, a cuppa is often paired with a snack, and 74 percent of Brits admit they reach for something to accompany their cup of tea, including scrambled tofu or scrambled eggs which topped the list (27 percent) or a baked potato and beans coming in at number 2, with one in five opting for this dish with a cuppa.

Other surprising pairings featured in the top ten include tea and a cheeseburger with one in five (19 percent) of those surveyed picking this for third position, a Sunday roast in at fourth place with 16 percent of the vote, followed by Pick n Mix (15 percent), Mac and Cheese (12 percent), Lasagna (11 percent), chicken soup (10 percent), onion rings (10 percent), Marmite on literally anything (9 percent) and in last place, tea and a Chicken Tikka Masala chosen by one in ten of all those surveyed with 9 percent of the vote.

Scrambled tofu or scrambled eggs – 27%
Baked (jacket) potato and beans – 21%
Cheeseburger – 19%
Sunday Roast – 16%
Pick n Mix – 15%
Mac & Cheese – 12%
Lasagne – 11%
Chicken Soup / Onion Rings – 10%
Marmite on anything / Chicken Tikka Masala – 9%

What of the humble biscuit or a slice of cake? Those surveyed also picked out their top ten more obvious tea and snack combos with chocolate biscuits topping the charts chosen by 51 percent of UK adults. Charting in second place is tea with a scone, jam and cream chosen by one in four (38 percent), followed narrowly by a cuppa with a slice of Victoria Sponge cake claiming 37 percent of the vote.

In at number four, is the bacon sarnie and a cuppa with 35 percent of the vote, enjoying tea and a chocolate brownie (30 percent), croissant as the snack choice (30 percent) followed closely by a Cherry Bakewell (29 percent), chocolate (29 percent), banana bread (24 percent) and tea with toast & marmite in the final spot with 22 percent of the vote.

Chocolate biscuits – 51%
Scones with jam/cream – 38%
Victoria Sponge Cake – 37%
Bacon Sandwich – 35%
Chocolate Brownie – 30%
Croissant – 30%
Cherry Bakewell – 29%
Chocolate – 29%
Banana Bread – 24%
Toast & Marmite – 22%

Bird & Blend Tea understands the power of a cuppa and to celebrate this National Tea Day on Sunday 21st April, stores nationwide will be spreading smiles with FREE cuppas** between 11-2pm.

No need to bring a snack as there are over 100 flavours of tea in store that already bring to life the nation’s favourite pairings and feature in the top 10, including; Chocolate Digestives, Devon Cream Tea, Vicky’s Sponge Cake, Cherry Bakewell, Banana Bread Chai and Tea & Toast.