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Saying Ta-Ta to Tattoos! More and More People In Manchester Bid Farewell to Their Ink

In the buzzing tattoo world, there’s quite the ‘ink-teresting’ trend emerging. A bold 40% of adults are considering ‘laser farewells’ to their tattoos, while a surprising 5% have already bid adieu to their inked companions.
It’s like a tattoo renaissance, or maybe a ‘re-think-aissance’!
But here’s the real kicker: even the youngest of the tattooed crowd, the 18 and 19-year-olds, are already getting cold feet. A whopping 9% of these fresh inkers are looking at their new tats and thinking, “Maybe not?” It’s a stark reminder of the age-old wisdom: ‘think before you ink’—because tattoos stick around longer than those teenage years.
Now, let’s dive into the ‘why’ behind this wave of tattoo second thoughts. Leading the charge is design dissatisfaction, hitting a solid 27%. It’s like fashion – what’s cool today might be the ‘no-no’ of tomorrow. And then there’s the 25% who have qualms about the quality of their ink. Remember, folks, tattoos are more forever than most marriages, so it pays to choose wisely!
Fading and blurring are also making 21% of people revaluate their body art. Nobody wants their skin to look like a washed-out old t-shirt, right? And of course, there are the 14% dealing with the ‘ex-factor’—tattoos of names of former flames that are now more ‘ugh’ than ‘ahh’.
But wait, there’s more! Those spontaneous ‘ink-escapades’, spurred on by a bit too much fun or holiday spirit, are leaving 17% of people with more than just memories. It turns out that not all souvenirs are keepers.
Family opinion matters too! With 43% facing the ‘tatt-scowl’ from their kin, it seems that not everyone appreciates body art as a form of expression. Mums are leading the brigade of disapproval at 12%, with dads and grandparents not far behind. Over one in five are feeling the heat from their nearest and dearest when it comes to their tattoos.
The workplace is another ‘battlefield’ for the inked. One in ten find their tattoos are more of a talking point than they’d like, with 7% being nudged to cover up and 3% feeling their career opportunities have been ‘ink-pacted’. Men, in particular, are feeling the pressure, being twice as likely as women to be told to keep their tattoos under wraps.
In this ink-spired saga, it’s clear that tattoos are more than just skin deep. They’re a journey, a story, sometimes a regret, and often a source of pride. From young ink-venturers to seasoned skin-art lovers, the UK is a canvas of colourful tattoo tales, each one telling a story of personal identity, societal norms, and the ever-changing landscape of fashion and expression.
As we ride the ‘wave of wavering’ over tattoos, one thing’s for sure: the world of ink is as dynamic and diverse as the people who wear it. Whether it’s keeping, tweaking, or retreating from their body art, people in Manchester are showing that when it comes to tattoos, it’s all about personal ‘skin-terpretation’.

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Helen Quayle is the founder and owner of LaserHQ – the UK’s leading laser specialists for hair and tattoo removal treatments, with clinics in Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle & Beauty Bazaar/Harvey Nichols/ Liverpool. Founded in 2017, LaserHQ is a pioneering business in the field, striving for affordable and accessible treatments for all.
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Helen was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022 as a recognition of all her work within the industry, and also won a Nationwide Customer Service Award in 2023.