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Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin this winter the Scandinavian way with helo® PSO

This winter say Hello to your skin’s new best friend. helo® PSO has arrived in the UK from Denmark and is set to tackle dry, irritated, itchy skin (including people who may be prone to psoriasis) and help find your inner glow.
image004.jpgWith a nourishing repair patented formula recommended by dermatologists, the soothing cream is the perfect balance of three active ingredients to transform your skin; Boswellia, vitamin B12 and urea.
Boswellia: Derived from Frankincense, this ancient ingredient softens skin irritations. Its antioxidant properties help neutralise free radicals, calming and soothing dry, sensitive skin.
Vitamin B12: Essential for the healthy reproduction of skin cells, vitamin B12 helps to renew and rebuild damaged skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties bring relief to dry and itchy skin.
Urea: The intensely moisturising properties of urea soften tough skin, prone to dryness. By strengthening the skin barrier, urea exfoliates and removes dead skin cells.
Without any added hormones, helo® PSO restores the disturbed barrier function of the skin. The easy to apply and absorb cream is gently massaged into the affected area 1-2 times daily as needed for 4-12 weeks to see best results.
And the results speak for themselves. A 2022 Danish study*, with participants reporting different skin complaints, stated that 95% of participants said that helo® PSO eliminated or significantly reduced all itching. 88% said helo® PSO left them with significantly softer skin and 71% said they would recommend helo® PSO to friends and family.
The reviews by customers are just as positive. “I’d been dealing with dry, itchy, flaky skin for a few years, with no clear diagnosis from doctors. After trying more than 20 products without success, this cream worked after just one week… it really has improved my quality of life.” … “I’d definitely recommend helo® PSO. It’s the only cream that’s worked and I wouldn’t use anything else.” … “I was very sceptical when I signed up to test helo® PSO. I didn’t think anything could help me. But after a week, the pain I was experiencing with my clothes rubbing against my skin had disappeared. My flaky skin has gone!” **

Developed by Faaborg Pharma at their labs in Denmark, their dedicated team has been pioneering relief for problematic skin since 2001. helo® skin care was born out of a passion to help those living with skin problems, including psoriasis, with mild yet effective hypoallergenic products.

“Five years of research and development have gone into helo® PSO to find the perfect balance of its three active ingredients, Boswellia, vitamin B12 and urea. The result is a unique and deeply effective product that we’re incredibly proud of. The UK is the first overseas market we have expanded into since launching in Denmark. We are excited to see what the British consumer thinks of helo® PSO ” comments Sten Grønved, leading pharmacist and founder of Faaborg Pharma.
Available now online from the helo® Skin Care website, the cream retails at £26.99 for 100ml.